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6 Reasons Why You Should Do Space Clearing

Space Clearing Your Home In Very Easy Steps Space clearing is a great way to bring in good energies that will help you create a calm and peaceful environment. When you have that kind of environment, life becomes more bearable. You have peace of mind. It is always best to perform space clearing at least

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Feng Shui,Your Love And Relationship

  Feng Shui Tips To Attract Real Love And Relationship Attracting love and relationship is a popular Feng Shui application. In Feng Shui, a relationship involves energy. The energy of two people and their surroundings. Real love happens when the people involved are surrounded by good energies. When you want to attract a good relationship

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Space Cleansing Your Place With Five Easy Steps

Bring Good Energy In Your Space With Space Cleansing Space cleansing should be made in our homes, office and business establishment every year. Its purpose is to get rid of all bad energies that will eventually affect our lives. There are a lot of ways to cleanse our space. You can modify some or try

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Get To Know The Year Of The Dog – Your 2018 Guide

Learn About This Year’s Zodiac – The Year Of The Dog 2018 is the Year of the Dog. In the Chinese calendar, it will officially start on Friday, February 16. The dog is the eleventh of all the zodiac animals. They are associated with the earth element in its yang form. Dogs also carry in

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Create A Healthy Money Flow With Feng Shui

  Money Flow And Feng Shui Money flow is connected with energy. It can either energize us or it can drain us. The word currency, just like water, is something that we want to flow in our lives. In feng shui, our money flow is heavily affected by the things around us. The vibrations around

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Feng Shui And The Yellow Color In Your Home

  Bring Good Energy In Your Home With Yellow Yellow belongs to the earth element. It is the color that represents nourishment. Just like the sun, it brings warmth and good energy to your space. The yellow color has always been used by the ancient Chinese. It was a popular color for their clothes because

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