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Feng Shui Home is all about noticing what is around you and how your home impacts upon you far deeper than you realise. Feng Shui Home is all about noticing what is around you and how your home impacts upon you far deeper than you realise.

Did you notice that I mentioned that twice? Yes when images, colours, sounds and words are repeated and repeated within your envionrment they have a special effect like a mantra! You dont forget them!

It is also about realising that what you have around you is resonating with something deeper in you.

Have you ever wondered how you go into one environment and your senses and inner self just feel centred and at peace?

.Then you go into another environment and whilst you may not be able to pinpoint it – it just feels uncomfortable and you want to escape. In Feng Shui Home we see the power of the crystal hanging in the window; when the sun comes through it has a rainbow effect resonating across the walls. This brings joy to the baby, the child and is wondrous to the adult.

When the Home is empty all day the energyif often very flat but if there is a crystal there it at least wakes up the room and many a day having returned home from work I always found it a delight to view the colours not only on the wall but due to movement it often hovers also creating a fantasia-like effect.

Feng Shui Home is about colours also; often people want neutral or institutionalised colours around them – its safe they dont have to become too emotional when there are no colours.

In this Feng Shui Home the walls are off white but the space has many tempting designs and colours impacting the being from complex designs, to simple illustrations of colour. Feng Shui Home is about colours also; often people want neutral or institutionalised colours around them – its safe they dont have to become too emotional when there are no colours.

Colours have their own vibration and this is why we are constantly influenced by what is around us; colours of flowers and fruit yellow, gold, orange are good for the sotmach chakra; the lilacs are resting and peaceful; the reds are inspiring action and the green in the plants are about expansion.

Feng Shui Home has a number of paintings and it is up to you to choose what is being exuded from what you choose to illustrate on your walls.

Where is it you want to go? how do you want to feel?

what is uplifting or relaxing for you?

Feng Shui Home has a number of paintings and it is up to you to choose what is being exuded from what you choose to illustrate on your walls.

Where is it you want to go? how do you want to feel? what is uplifting or relaxing for you?what is symbolic?

what is symbolic?

Billions of pounds are spent right across the globe sublimely affecting us in many different ways; picture are no different. Be aware of what you have on your walls and make sure its radiating the message that you want to support. Billions of pounds are spent right across the globe sublimely affecting us in many different ways; picture are no different.

Be aware of what you have on your walls and make sure its radiating the message that you want to support.Aromas are most important in the Feng Shui HOome because 99% of the time we are all making decisions based on what we cant see or feel but we just know.

A contributory feature to this invisibility is the subtle power of aroma possibly it was once the most important skill we had but now we dont depend on it so muc for survival but for more attractive purposes. Aromas are most important in the Feng Shui Home because 99% of the time we are all making decisions based on what we cant see or feel but we just know.

The aroma of a space be it home, company or clinic can make the difference to someon wanting to rent, buy or enjoy a place.

Of course there is much more to discover in Feng Shui Home so why not contact Cathi at wealthsypaces@gmail.com or go to www.wealthyspaces.com

Feng Shui Cyprus

Economic Feng Shui

Economic Feng Shui

If Feng Shui is all about flow and energy and the subsequent vibration it exudes, then, if we look at Cyprus we can see how the energy of Wealth has flown in very well for many years and then……..

What happened?

Well the flow suddenly was blocked. And, what happened as a result?

In this interview you hear about how the flow of wealth was always coming in from the international jet set and when the European Central bank decided to skim off the bank accounts – rob Peter to pay Paul – it left the account holders not only with huge losses but all the subsidary ripples created out of the financial losses created in some areas mental health issues.

Feng Shui flow into the banks in Cyprus suddenly became blocked; what does Paola have to say about this flow?

Interestingly it was not as simple as funds being blocked by the Banks but, the total mindset of the island was affected. So we can see when flow of anything is locked or blocked it creates ripples across the country across the population.

The flow of Wealth and its subsequent block has occured all over the world but we see it on this small island in the middle of two economic worlds.

Should we call Feng Shui Cyprus a Feng Shui Crisis?

After all how could this diamond of wealth in the middle of the Meditarranean Sea be hijacked into dismantling its wealth and shred it by order of a bureacracy on the mainland?

Let us see where the energetic nature of wealth and the feng shui tide of money flows to next!

Tay Castle & Feng Shui

Tay Castle is located in the village of Kenmore in Perthshire Scotland. I visited Tay Castle and it was a delight to see some amazing Chinese Feng Shui features nestled in a landscape full of Form School Feng Shui.

What do I mean by that? Form School inidcates the landscape supports and creates good feng shui; and in this case of Tay Castle there is the black turtle located bheind thebuilding. That is the protection from Tay Forest; the River Tay encircles the castle and to the front lies the Lock Tay – a huge reflection of water with mountains in the foreground.

Inside the Tay Castle is an amazing array of features indicating a good flow in and around thebuilding; indicating focus on the compass school of feng Shui. Here we see the ancestors portrayed in stainglass windows located to the east of the castle-when the light shines through it enlightens the recall, honour and reputation of all those gone before. In Chinese culture the focus on ancestors is very important as it is believed that one’s future is determoned by the reverence shown to one’s ancestors.

There is a Chinese Room with a ceiling full of golden radiant geometry resonating a balance and vibrancy like no other seen. The intricacy of some far off eastern cultures interwoven with the more local designs of the emblems of clans and insignia demonstrate how many cultures meeting at one poit on this ceiling create an energy that is unforgettable.

All the ceilings in this Tay Castle are outstanding that you realise that there is a huge pull on your posture and all the chakra points in your body. One is held in some wonder for such a long time throughout the building that the sense of wonder and splendour continue for a long time after you have left the castle.

This is the magic of such elabourately designed works of art and the subliinal insignia designed to affect us energetically that you cannot easily forget such an experience.

Want to know more about this Magical Castle?

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Relationships: What a topic to discuss. Talking about special relationships in your life or a long term partner or civil or religious ceremony no matter what it all begins with vibration.

Have you ever felt you were exuding a particular vibration from yourself?
Have you noticed when you are in a good space within yourself that you feel great and so does everybody else?
That you start attracting some great potential friends and partners? Where does that special vibration come from?

Well it does start within but is also supported and influenced by what is it that is around you; that ‘s right, your environment.

For instance, is your environment full of certain images so that life leads you to that particular vision?

Are you hanging on to life in the past? Do you have much memorablia that ties you to too many people who have since long gone from your life?



How about looking at what is right in front of you?

What do you see?

Is it chaos or clarity? Is it comfort or pain? How do you feel where you sleep, eat, relax?

These are just some of the ideas mentioned in the interview with Corinna; a lady who talks about how she managed to attract the ideal guy into her life and it is absolutely fascinating to hear.

Is it possible that your husband or wife is within reach of where you are now?

Could it be that neither of you are resonating from the same energetic pattern and therefore quite easily miss each other?

Listening to this interview we see how people miss each other all the time without knowing it and its not until there is an internal shift within that things on the outside, begin to appear.


1. Clear Clutter
2. Change energetic pattern
3. Change your pictures
4. Orientate using the Compass
5. Time your changes.

This interview is not only a fascinating explanation on how relationships can manifest but it is an invitation to take up some of the ideas mentioned, utilise them and see how you get on.

Be sure to comment below on your findings.

Castle – Feng Shui

Castle de Cazine exudes great Feng Shui for the guests!

Have you ever wondered why one hotel makes you feel elevated leaving you with a good vibration whilst another just doesnt have any vibe at all?

Castle hotels can exude a whole array of energies because they were built with defence in mind.
I mean, Who builds a castle these days? So most of them have a history and a well established energy pattern.

So, to renovate an amazing building, to make it attractive to a contemporary market but sustain the features of its bygone days is a tall feat to accomplish.

Chateau de Cazine has been renovated sympahtetically to the configuration of the original designs so presenting an environment that is ornamental but also contemporary.

It has a great energy at its entrance.

The lakes draw in positive chi to the building.
In the back of the property the building is protected by an array of different trees with different colours throughout the seasons. The arbotreum is a demonstration of how the 5 elements; fire, water, wood, earth and metal all work alongside the seasons throughout the year.

In this video I look at the oldest school of Feng Shui – called the Form School. I look at how the rear of the property is protected by the trees and the front of the property opens up to an horizon of water in lakes .

The owners of this castle hotel are intent on creating good vibrations by opening up its doors to great celebrations such as weddings.

When you have lots of good thoughts and feelings, a cooperative staff who help create that energy you have a vibration that people want to return to. People resonate with places where their feelings are mixed with good memories.


If you want to discover more on how to get started on a Feng Shui  journey you can  take a look at my free webinar:



Clutter Clearing – is it for You?

Clutter Clearing is how my guest began her Feng Shui journey some months ago.

Is your business stalling? Do you find yourself procrastinating for no particular reason?

Has your life stagnated? Why do you have headaches, pains all of a sudden?

We have been looking at the process of clutter clearing and my guest today  has provided some amazing insights on how she got started and what she has discovered in this process and has achieved.

Funnily enough what we discovered that it was not just about how you physically felt; lighter, less burdened, more dynamic, less weighed down and greater clarity but it had an effect in other areas of her life too.

Business wise she reported how much more clarity she gained; communication was far more simple;  letting go of old stuff and memories that had not supported her particularly provided space for a better life.

An interesting point was the concept of gratitude.  Even though you may have to let go of things and stuff that is dear to your heart showing gratittude for the very fact you owned it, used it, and benefited from such items is an attiude oof appreciation.

When you have that kind of attitude it does not flag up loss at all but gratitude and that there is more of those great experiences on the way. Many people brought through two world wars and many other difficult times built up an attitude of scarcity – there was not enough and therefore you have to hoard or gather lots lots more.

This attitude gives off a feeling of not enough, that there will never be enough and exudes scarcity.

It is an understandable approach to a world that has created that inner architecture in people; you know the more you want something sometimes because you are not relaxed it creates a strain almost a constipation that blocks the energy to allow that very thing to happen.

When you are relaxed; allowing things into an available space with non-scarcity values there is a greater flowing.  So, returning to the clutter clearing; when you let go with ease, gratitude and appreciation it creates a space for something new to come into the next phase of your life.

So, is Clutter Clearing for YOU? Listen to this guest’s realisations and you will realise it is for EVERYONE!

It isnt just about what you can see around you that is construed as clutter; but clutter, in the computer, pockets, cars, diary, fridge, cupboards, the mind, social circle……..it is endless but ultimately if there is no space to enjoy life and create peace and harmony then all you are left with is the habitual patterns of what we call clutter and chaos.

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Decluttering Your Life

Decluttering Your Life is essential if you want to make a shift in your world.

I mean how many people are conscious of really entrapping themselves into a space within their own homes, busniesses that it actually causes them health issues?

What exactly is decluttering?  Does it mean getting rid of everything?  No it doesnt  But it is realising what is hanging around in your life that you no longer have a need for or is impeding your flow to a better life.

I mean, for people starting businesses, this is a major factor in blocking their wealth.  For those who require health, wealth and peace once again when you start the process of letting go  you start to see, feel and sense a release, start to feel lighter, and you see things more clearly thanks to decluttering your life.

Students are often eager to implement the ideas of Feng Shui but it chaos already exists in their environment they are in effect just adding to that chaos.  Why is why clearing out old possessions with sad associations clogging up the arteries and veins of your home is often the first aspect to address.

People are only too eager to want the effects and end results of tihs process of decluttering but it can be quite a difficult time for people.  They realise the possessions they no longer need have a function are difficult to let go of because part of their identity is stuck in them.

Do you identify with this?  Is this you?  How do you feel when you spring clean, let go of the heaviness of those plastic bags, handing them over to the charity shop often making you inevitably feel lighter, generous and also having created more space for new developments in your life.

There is often a resistance to letting go of anything not just clutter as fear stops people from discovering space in their surroundings and therefore more space within themselves.


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SPACE & Feng Shui


Space – have you ever craved space around you, space from crowds, more space within yourself where peace resides?

Across all the major cities of the world people are crammed in tight like sardines with no space to swing a cat because the values of such real estate are overwhelming to most people. People are pulled to spaces where there is a special vibration.

How do you generate a special vibration in any room?  Have you noticed how certain places affect you in a brilliant way and then other places revile you? In our everyday life do you focus on the object or do you focus on the space around it? Whenever there is a space people usually want to fill it with something.  I have noticed how people can feel very uncomfortable having too much space as it shows them up almost like a shining a light on themselves.

This is even discomforting to most thats why they choose to surround themselves with objects, people, IT devices and food, drugs, toys and as you know the list is endless. So, what would happen if you discovered more space around and within you than ever before?

Would that give you a perception that is completely different from the one you have now? How does it feel to empty the cramped space you have now and often people tell me they can breathe, manouvre and see things differently. Less room for anxiety, fatigue, frustration.

I just came from an office where personal space was so minimum as the flavour of the office now is hotdesking.  People feel all at sea when they hot desk and quite disorientated as their  surroundings psychologically can be invaded at any time. So, its not just physical space as perceived by the eye but space in time too. How many gaps are  there in your world of Time? Is every minute registered for doing?  Are there any gaps?

Are there any silences in that space? What colour is introduced, textures, sounds, aromas, designs because ultimately you are responsible for what is invited into your personal space? Are you repsonsible for the vibrational energy exuding from you around  your body?

I know more questions being asked and answers? Well get back to me as if conversation is stimulated from this topic then more space to discuss this essential dimension in our life.

For more information on how to bring some great qualities into your personal space using the principles of feng shui you can listen to a free webinar here:


http://internetcoachingschool.com/webinarmagic/register.php?wid=4340  Sydney March 2005 002  

Space in Pots


Space in Pots – space in cups……..remember the Zen master teaching the student who wanted to discover more about himself?

What did the Zen master say to him?  your cup is overflowing and there is no space to receive anymore!


A significant lesson for us all especially where we are encouraged to consume as much as possible on many different levels.  How can we create a space within us?

The pots above with nothing in them are a reflection back to ourselves – what lies deep within us all?

It is our interaction with that space that determines our quality of life.

Ever been going down a motorway and as soon as there is a space people want to fill it.  Its like the places we reside –  like space within us the only difference is in the pots above there is plenty of space but within people there is none – we keep consuming, digesting absorbing, that we are a mesh of networks but as the Dalai Lama once said; plenty in the  windows but nothing in the shop!

The other concept about space in pots is that they are a subtle reminder of connecting with the deeper aspect within us.  When we have space in our lives, in our pots we can invite new things into our lives.

When the pots are full and brimming there is no room for new people, ideas, to enter in……..

Pots that are empty invite an energy to enter a zone – its that receptive part of us; the part that isnt pro active, but waits and watches, is open to receiving because sometimes it is that part of us that doesnt know how to receive but only gives that stops us from receiving the very gifts of life we pursue.

To find out more on how to create more space within your environment and, within yourself go to my free webinar and discover the 5 steps to create that special spacious energy:


Hotels Feng Shui – India

Some of the best Hotels in the world have the Best Feng Shui design – dont you agree? Hotels are plentiful throughout the major cities in India – all exhibiting various levels of splendour.

I know India uses their own philsophical perspective of environmental design known as Vastu Shastra but as I was travelling there recently I took the opportunity to photograph some of the feng shui features the hotels had implemented in their design.

There are a variety of hotels dependent  on the environment in which I stayed.  For example, the hotel on the houseboat; the hotel in the Tea Plantation the hotel by the seaside and the Privately owned family Hotel. Lets look at the Feng Shui of each of these four hotels:

The Houseboat Hotel IMG_2477   Many years ago I had the priveldege of staying on a houseboat in Lake Dal up in Kashmir.

It was the most elabourate quintessential Victorian interior decoration I had ever seen outside of the UK.  Much of its magnificience still existed despite a war torn Kashmir.

The houseboats in Kerala did not have the same magnifience about them.  The splendour was waning and the decor looked somewhat saddened.  But, remember, that the Feng Shui is not all about what is visible and what you can see.  People and their energy are also what make up the vibration of any space in which we inhabit.  In this space, the driver of the boat had such a happy spirit that it filled the boat with more great energy making up for the tiredness of the design, colour and arrangement of furniture.

No matter that the prinicples of Feng Shui were lacking the energy of the people driving the boat were charismatic.


The Tea Plantation Hotel An amazing layout of small bungalows strategically positioned between some tea plantations hills.

Very well manicured gardens, the paths flowed towards all of the doorways-great lights at the entrances but one of the things I really noticed specifically significant regarding the feng shui of this hotel was the pots!

IMG_2965 Yes, that is right I said Pots!  We can see a black empty pot at the entrance to the reception.   And, on my sojourn I began to realise the apparent mystery of the empty pot. I began to realise how much space that empty pots reftlected back to us.  It was almost symbolic of inviting something or being open to receiving; almost anticipating something being invited into the pot.

You see, I began to realise that Feng Shui is not just about what you can physically, tangibly move and re-arrange  around your home, business but its about managing the space where there is nothing in it at all!  What is the magic of that space?

Throughout our lives we fill our spaces with material goods, people, stuff and then we wonder why we are stuck or frozen at times? That is the question I started to ask – what is the space reflecting back to us that has nothing in it at all?

Ever heard of the Zen story where the monk is trying to teach the student by explaining that if his cup his constantly overflowing what new things can ever come into the student’s life? Well, its a similar idea here; no space for new things to enter in and the freezing over of energetic debris and habitual patterns of living.

It often has a vibration of its own and equally influencing how we feel.  But Pots with plenty of space were significant in and around this hotel.  Once again, the carefully manicured tea plantations and gardens created a geometry all of its own – creating a space in which you dont want to leave.


The Family Hotel IMG_2414 This hotel had an amazing Feng Shui Design.  The main reception area had a square design with an open space in the centre.  It had a water feature with goldfish providing movement and a healthy supply of water complimenting the wood element in the many pots of plants leading to the entrance. Another property with an amazing manicured garden.

The whole focus of the reception is drawn towards the open space in the centre of the building.   This hotel lies on the edge of a river – and, its not a great stream of clean water and this does not appear to be significant when the advertising of this hotel is concerned.

Water is important for all establishments but if its not good in terms of cleanliness then it distorts the energy of the locaiton and the establishment.


The Seaside Hotel This Hotel was an oasis amongst a desert of chaos.  It offered a welcome symmetry in its entrance; interesting textures and textiles to greet the wearisome client; an amazing infinity pool, glass elevators giving panoramic access to the coastline and beautiful stained glass decor for the ayurvedic medicine treatment rooms. There was an amazing view of the whole beach from the bedroom giving the impression that you were almost on the beach yourself.

The magic of the infinity pool was one of the best features of the hotel. IMG_3495When the design of the hotel has many different textures,

forms, and colours to it and  the orientation is facing the sea there is a healthy combinations of all the 5 elements significant in feng shui; earth, water, fire, metal and wood. A recommended oasis in a desert of chaos and confusion.

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