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Increasingly, not only are we living with more STUFF and crowding ourselves with acquisitions but we are experiencing the power of increasing electricity around us .   People wonder why they can not sleep because they have the TV, computer, iphones in their bedrooms; they are now surrounded by them 24/7
This lifestyle does not allow us to switch off – the exact space you are suppose to be ‘re-charging’ your batteries – that is the bedroom –  is pulling on the immune system.
Geopathic stress – this is the underground aspects that people are stressed by and some don’t know what surrounds the inhabitants.  Underground water, is often a factor to consider when trying to locate an issue around health. Some of the anomalies we cannot do anything about – pylons over towering our building for example.

I have visited over 1000 clients in the community with diseases ranging from cancer to motor neurone disease to dementia.  According to Dr. H Nieper MD  he states that “92% of my cancer patients and 75% of my MS patients are Geopathically stressed”.
It is believed that such stress within the land can actually cause disease and ill-health. As I work in the medical field I have noticed how certain areas are inundated by particular forms of disease-it questions the environmental factor i.e high levels of electro-magnetic energy.

Some estates have been built on old chemical works where the methane gas continues to exude its toxins into the atmospheres. This then has the effect of people living in polluted environments without them ever knowing.
We see the results of those living around nuclear power stations; Sellafield in Cumbria, UK. We see the results of fracking on local communities right across the states and the subsequent effects on toxins to health.  

But what about the more invisible lines of poisoning where there is no obvious identification because over many years the information has been suppressed or not sufficient awareness. Whole Housing Estates in the U.K. built on old land fill sites or old chemical works – methane gases being exuded through the ground ultimately affecting the health of the residents.
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Where is the Map of Wealth?

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Clearing Your Clutter

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Well look at your surroundings now; too much of one thing; paper everywhere? goods from a long time ago that no longer is used, needed but cant let go?

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SPACE & Feng Shui


Space – have you ever craved space around you, space from crowds, more space within yourself where peace resides?

Across all the major cities of the world people are crammed in tight like sardines with no space to swing a cat because the values of such real estate are overwhelming to most people. People are pulled to spaces where there is a special vibration.

How do you generate a special vibration in any room?  Have you noticed how certain places affect you in a brilliant way and then other places revile you? In our everyday life do you focus on the object or do you focus on the space around it? Whenever there is a space people usually want to fill it with something.  I have noticed how people can feel very uncomfortable having too much space as it shows them up almost like a shining a light on themselves.

This is even discomforting to most thats why they choose to surround themselves with objects, people, IT devices and food, drugs, toys and as you know the list is endless. So, what would happen if you discovered more space around and within you than ever before?

Would that give you a perception that is completely different from the one you have now? How does it feel to empty the cramped space you have now and often people tell me they can breathe, manouvre and see things differently. Less room for anxiety, fatigue, frustration.

I just came from an office where personal space was so minimum as the flavour of the office now is hotdesking.  People feel all at sea when they hot desk and quite disorientated as their  surroundings psychologically can be invaded at any time. So, its not just physical space as perceived by the eye but space in time too. How many gaps are  there in your world of Time? Is every minute registered for doing?  Are there any gaps?

Are there any silences in that space? What colour is introduced, textures, sounds, aromas, designs because ultimately you are responsible for what is invited into your personal space? Are you repsonsible for the vibrational energy exuding from you around  your body?

I know more questions being asked and answers? Well get back to me as if conversation is stimulated from this topic then more space to discuss this essential dimension in our life.

For more information on how to bring some great qualities into your personal space using the principles of feng shui you can listen to a free webinar here:


http://internetcoachingschool.com/webinarmagic/register.php?wid=4340  Sydney March 2005 002  

Hotels Feng Shui – India

Some of the best Hotels in the world have the Best Feng Shui design – dont you agree? Hotels are plentiful throughout the major cities in India – all exhibiting various levels of splendour.

I know India uses their own philsophical perspective of environmental design known as Vastu Shastra but as I was travelling there recently I took the opportunity to photograph some of the feng shui features the hotels had implemented in their design.

There are a variety of hotels dependent  on the environment in which I stayed.  For example, the hotel on the houseboat; the hotel in the Tea Plantation the hotel by the seaside and the Privately owned family Hotel. Lets look at the Feng Shui of each of these four hotels:

The Houseboat Hotel IMG_2477   Many years ago I had the priveldege of staying on a houseboat in Lake Dal up in Kashmir.

It was the most elabourate quintessential Victorian interior decoration I had ever seen outside of the UK.  Much of its magnificience still existed despite a war torn Kashmir.

The houseboats in Kerala did not have the same magnifience about them.  The splendour was waning and the decor looked somewhat saddened.  But, remember, that the Feng Shui is not all about what is visible and what you can see.  People and their energy are also what make up the vibration of any space in which we inhabit.  In this space, the driver of the boat had such a happy spirit that it filled the boat with more great energy making up for the tiredness of the design, colour and arrangement of furniture.

No matter that the prinicples of Feng Shui were lacking the energy of the people driving the boat were charismatic.


The Tea Plantation Hotel An amazing layout of small bungalows strategically positioned between some tea plantations hills.

Very well manicured gardens, the paths flowed towards all of the doorways-great lights at the entrances but one of the things I really noticed specifically significant regarding the feng shui of this hotel was the pots!

IMG_2965 Yes, that is right I said Pots!  We can see a black empty pot at the entrance to the reception.   And, on my sojourn I began to realise the apparent mystery of the empty pot. I began to realise how much space that empty pots reftlected back to us.  It was almost symbolic of inviting something or being open to receiving; almost anticipating something being invited into the pot.

You see, I began to realise that Feng Shui is not just about what you can physically, tangibly move and re-arrange  around your home, business but its about managing the space where there is nothing in it at all!  What is the magic of that space?

Throughout our lives we fill our spaces with material goods, people, stuff and then we wonder why we are stuck or frozen at times? That is the question I started to ask – what is the space reflecting back to us that has nothing in it at all?

Ever heard of the Zen story where the monk is trying to teach the student by explaining that if his cup his constantly overflowing what new things can ever come into the student’s life? Well, its a similar idea here; no space for new things to enter in and the freezing over of energetic debris and habitual patterns of living.

It often has a vibration of its own and equally influencing how we feel.  But Pots with plenty of space were significant in and around this hotel.  Once again, the carefully manicured tea plantations and gardens created a geometry all of its own – creating a space in which you dont want to leave.


The Family Hotel IMG_2414 This hotel had an amazing Feng Shui Design.  The main reception area had a square design with an open space in the centre.  It had a water feature with goldfish providing movement and a healthy supply of water complimenting the wood element in the many pots of plants leading to the entrance. Another property with an amazing manicured garden.

The whole focus of the reception is drawn towards the open space in the centre of the building.   This hotel lies on the edge of a river – and, its not a great stream of clean water and this does not appear to be significant when the advertising of this hotel is concerned.

Water is important for all establishments but if its not good in terms of cleanliness then it distorts the energy of the locaiton and the establishment.


The Seaside Hotel This Hotel was an oasis amongst a desert of chaos.  It offered a welcome symmetry in its entrance; interesting textures and textiles to greet the wearisome client; an amazing infinity pool, glass elevators giving panoramic access to the coastline and beautiful stained glass decor for the ayurvedic medicine treatment rooms. There was an amazing view of the whole beach from the bedroom giving the impression that you were almost on the beach yourself.

The magic of the infinity pool was one of the best features of the hotel. IMG_3495When the design of the hotel has many different textures,

forms, and colours to it and  the orientation is facing the sea there is a healthy combinations of all the 5 elements significant in feng shui; earth, water, fire, metal and wood. A recommended oasis in a desert of chaos and confusion.

If you want to discover more about Feng Shui, click the link below to discover how you can implement the concepts in your own space:


Windsor Hotels UK – Beaumont Hotel

wood & water elements

Windsor Hotels UK

Windsor Hotels UK – Beaumont. A great entrance into a beautiful architecturally designed building once a private residence and then a boys Catholic School.

How would you like to feel as you approach your place of relaxation?

The attention to detail in colour and design especially within the grounds outside have been sculpted the way a fashion designer would cut its cloth.

The entrance details colours within the flowers, textures of the trees which alter the first impressions of this hotel.

As you approach the entrance to the reception area the symmetry – pots create a flow guiding the customers into the reception head on.

The element of wood is prevalent throughout the hotel- there are great illustrations of trees throughout the pictures on the walls.

The wood throughout the estate is very important as it relates to the history and story of the hotel.

There is a beautiful fountain in the grounds which complements the variety of trees within the vicinity.  The elements of wood and water are deliberately featured in environments in order to attract wealth and this is often visible in the oriental and eastern cultures.

The grounds are quite comparative to other Windsor Hotels UK in the area but, having water and wood in close proximity to each other makes the environment rich for wealth. Water is synomonous with wealth and it is self evident that this whole estate is one of great richness within the world of nature.

A fountain feature in the grounds behind is framed by some of the most outstanding trees in the area.

Much attention is paid to the colouring of the grounds, the design of the entrance, the beautiful tree photography on the walls but one aspect is always missing from most hotels and that is the power of aroma.

Aroma is very important because it does two things; it stamps our emotional memory of the place we are visiting quickly and simply and it quickly evokes an emotional reaction immediately so we know how we are responding to our environment whether its conscious or subconscious.

The leisure area would benefit from some fresh plants. Wood and water are great complements and enrich any environment.

The chapel area and the corridiors flowing towards that area are all thoughtfully lined with photographs relevant to the history of the Estate.  Some interesting pictures detailing the success of the students and their subsequent fame connects the building from the glory of its past to the present.

A building that is connected with its various phases throughout history leaves a more holistic wholeness and fluidity of time.

An opportunity to enjoy the grandiosity of a period designed property that offers the experience of enjoying all its different facets; an uplifting feeling.


I would recommend a stay at this Windsor Hotel UK – just for the magnetic entrance. To find out more on feng shui and how to implement it in your own space click the link below:



Feng Shui Business Office Secrets of Success

Feng Shui Business

Feng Shui Business Office- L.A.

Why is Feng Shui Business Office  the place to start when you are re-vamping an existing business or starting a new one ?  This is where many businesses  fall down; procrastination; unclarified goals, poor focus are just a few of the obstacles that meet the modern day entreprenur.

They are trying to create a successful business whilst all around them is one of chaos, lack of creativity, disharmony amongst the staff.  I spoke to Julie who runs her own fashion business in the east end of London.

Her views on implementing what she had learned on a Feng Shui Workshop are amazing to hear.  She tells us how she was captivated by what she heard and how it resonated with her own home,business and office.

How many of us have sat in offices where plants are dying, the flow of energy is disrupted by blockages, low morale in the work place?

People are surrounded by institutional colours and subtley informed to not be particuarly creative in their work.  Do we realise that what we choose to surround ourselves with whether people, pictures or design all impact on our health, wealth and wellbeing.

Did you know that Feng Shui Business, Office and Retail enviornments such as supermarkets all are designed to dictate the flow in which people move around the shops – sublimely suggesting where and what they need to buy.

Why do you have to go through the whole store just to buy basics like bread, butter and milk?

It is because we will catch many other items to buy in the process……..and so it goes…..how does your business and office influence your choice on how you feel, think and what you believe.

Julie talks not only about how colours in fashion affects our feelings, but how geometric designs influence are desire to purchase designs in fashion.

Feng Shui Business Office is very important to the overall production of a company and we can see this evidently in more creative, colourful and vibrational environments in apple, google and vodaphone.

Feng Shui Business Office

Feng Shui Business Office


You see google has plenty of inspirational colours, designs and geometries surrounding their workforce sufficient for them to extract the creative ideas that give the company its unique selling point.

What does your office say about you and your team?Are you using your Feng Shui Business Offices tips effectively?

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