Feng Shui Home is all about noticing what is around you and how your home impacts upon you far deeper than you realise.

Feng Shui Home is also about realising that what you have around you is resonating with something deeper in you.

Have you ever wondered how you go into one environment and your senses and inner self just feel centred and at peace? Then you go into another environment and whilst you may not be able to pinpoint it – it just feels uncomfortable and you want to escape.

In Feng Shui Home we see the power of the crystal hanging in the window; when the sun comes through it has a rainbow effect resonating across the walls. This brings joy to the baby, the child and is wondrous to the adult.

When the Home is empty all day the energyif often very flat but if there is a crystal there it at least wakes up the room and many a day having returned home from work I always found it a delight to view the colours not only on the wall but due to movement it often hovers also creating a fantasia-like effect.

Feng Shui Home is about colours also; often people want neutral or institutionalised colours around them – its safe they dont have to become too emotional when there are no colours. In this Feng Shui Home the walls are off white but the space has many tempting designs and colours impacting the being from complex designs, to simple illustrations of colour.

Colours have their own vibration and this is why we are constantly influenced by what is around us; colours of flowers and fruit yellow, gold, orange are good for the sotmach chakra; the lilacs are resting and peaceful; the reds are inspiring action and the green in the plants are about expansion.

Feng Shui Home has a number of paintings and it is up to you to choose what is being exuded from what you choose to illustrate on your walls. Where is it you want to go? how do you want to feel? what is uplifting or relaxing for you?
what is symbolic?

Billions of pounds are spent right across the globe sublimely affecting us in many different ways; picture are no different. Be aware of what you have on your walls and make sure its radiating the message that you want to support.

Aromas are most important in the Feng Shui HOome because 99% of the time we are all making decisions based on what we cant see or feel but we just know. A contributory feature to thisinvisibility is the subtle power of aroma possibly it was once the most important skill we had but now we dont depend on it so muc for survival but for more attractive purposes.

The aroma of a space be it home, company or clinic can make the difference to someon wanting to rent, buy or enjoy a place.

Of course there is much more to discover in Feng Shui Home so why not contact Cathi at wealthsypaces@gmail.com or go to www.wealthyspaces.com

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