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Space – have you ever craved space around you, space from crowds, more space within yourself where peace resides?

Across all the major cities of the world people are crammed in tight like sardines with no space to swing a cat because the values of such real estate are overwhelming to most people. People are pulled to spaces where there is a special vibration.

How do you generate a special vibration in any room?  Have you noticed how certain places affect you in a brilliant way and then other places revile you? In our everyday life do you focus on the object or do you focus on the space around it? Whenever there is a space people usually want to fill it with something.  I have noticed how people can feel very uncomfortable having too much space as it shows them up almost like a shining a light on themselves.

This is even discomforting to most thats why they choose to surround themselves with objects, people, IT devices and food, drugs, toys and as you know the list is endless. So, what would happen if you discovered more space around and within you than ever before?

Would that give you a perception that is completely different from the one you have now? How does it feel to empty the cramped space you have now and often people tell me they can breathe, manouvre and see things differently. Less room for anxiety, fatigue, frustration.

I just came from an office where personal space was so minimum as the flavour of the office now is hotdesking.  People feel all at sea when they hot desk and quite disorientated as their  surroundings psychologically can be invaded at any time. So, its not just physical space as perceived by the eye but space in time too. How many gaps are  there in your world of Time? Is every minute registered for doing?  Are there any gaps?

Are there any silences in that space? What colour is introduced, textures, sounds, aromas, designs because ultimately you are responsible for what is invited into your personal space? Are you repsonsible for the vibrational energy exuding from you around  your body?

I know more questions being asked and answers? Well get back to me as if conversation is stimulated from this topic then more space to discuss this essential dimension in our life.

For more information on how to bring some great qualities into your personal space using the principles of feng shui you can listen to a free webinar here:  Sydney March 2005 002  

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