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I put together a quick ten tip video to get you interested in a topic about your environments and why

they should matter to you.  This philosophy will spread like wild fire as it already has mainly

because the world is going to make more enquiries into what has happened in the history of China

given the continued role it plays on the world stage today.  Knowing about this philsophy of Feng

Shui was not the domain of the comman man at all but more wrapped in a mystery of ceremonial

order and habit as most cultural and religious belief systems are based.  So the subject has always

been shrouded in mystery and with that came the power behind it.  It was the domain of the monks

who held this knowledge in their own power and divulged its secrets to the powerful forces of that

land; the Emperor’s of China.

And so it goes that centuries later the knowledge is beginning to ooze its ways out of centuries of

powerful manipulation of the masses.  This is not a phenomenon only found in Chinese traditions but

look across the world where architecture, urban design and scultpure has chisled out a place for those

in power to manipulate the masses and simultaneously create systems such as roads, fences, energy

flows of paths and the mighty strength of features on buildings to curtail the true power – that is –

that which always rested with the people.

Hope you enjoy this and should be any questions of comment feel free to pass them over.

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