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Feng Shui Book Review

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Feng Shui Book Review

FengShui Books

Feng Shui book review is an opportunity to discover which feng shui books would suit your style and interest.  Having read many of these books on this subject I decided to do a review to help you on your Feng Shui Book journey.

I started off reading the only Feng Shui Book on the market – an interior design book.  It grabbed my interest and so this host of books here could grab yours.

The market became deluged ten years ago by a plethora of feng shui books; illustrated with artwork, designed with great detail, complicated astrological analysis.  So, I have provided this review to get you to choose what is easier for yourself; whether its the visual, theoretical, or more complex explanations – you have a choice. As I have read all of the feng shui books on this show you get to see what is available and I tell you a little about each.  That way it makes it easier for you to not have to make lots of decisions; what feng shui book will always jump out at you. So, come on board, take a look at what is being reviewed and get started on your own Feng Shui Book journey.  Listen to some of the ideas that you will find in these books and make the decison for yourself what is most suitable.

Chinese Acupuncture and Feng Shui – 3

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Chinese Acupuncture follows similar principles to Feng Shui

Chinese Acupuncture follows similar principles to Feng Shui

Chinese Acupuncture is an eastern intervention designed to reduce the blockages that are impeding the flow of energy around the body.

How many of us know we are not performing to our optimum – it often feels like stagnancy in energy, or fatigure or inertia.

Chinese Acupuncturists utilise very fine needles in specific areas of the body to release the blockages.

When clients experience Chinese Acupuncture they often express a new lease of life, greater energy and improved vibrancy.

What about using a similar form of Chinese Acupuncture on your home – known as Feng Shui.  Have you ever entered your home after being out all day, or been away on holiday and returned to a home that feels stagnant and low in energy?   Chinese Acupuncture parallels Feng Shui for the home – taking out the clutter, clearing the space is partly similar to improving the flow of your environment making you feel lighter and more at ease in your own home, workplace or commercial building.

A Chinese Acupuncturist in this interview discusses how the five elements are found in most of the Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches.  The five elements are symbols used in Feng Shui to explain how to attract a balance into your home.  The amazing benefit to this system of Chinese Acupuncturist and Feng Shui is also an appreciation of understanding your nutrition, general health and attracting a balance in your environment.

So, now we are in the season of Spring, this is one of the best times of the year to implement what we could call Chinese Acupuncture for the home – Feng Shui.  If you would like to feel lighter, less burdened, more calm and return to your home as an oasis then start acupuncturing your space by clearing the clutter which is visible to the eye and clear the space which is more non visible but can be felt.

Feng Shui Tips – An Introduction- E2

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In this Introduction to Feng Shui Tips you will be delighted to discover that we will be covering subjects from colour to crystals, geopathic stress to clutter – all aspects of how you can improve your environment and welcome the benefits that will emerge.

The benefits of Feng Shui Tips are that you will be able to get a good nights sleep, no more popping pills when you discover that the computer, tv and other electro magnetic equipment in which you find yourself living and sleeping has affected  your mood and health.

Simple realisations that you can change the colour, design and layout of your home.

Why not create a message within your own home – one of tranquility, harmony and equilibrium. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

But the Feng Shui Tips go even further; this is not a crack pot idea from the east but an ancient philosophy where you will discover that sacred geometry, philosophy and meditation were all forces within the design of this amazing system we call Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Tips – even if you implement just one will have a knock on effect improving your quality of life and you start to take control within your inner architecture – that is your mind, emotions and your immediate environment whether that be a caravan, yurt, mansion or just a simple house in your street.

Discover the different topics we will be looking at and speaking to guests about their paritcular field  on the Feng Shui Mastery Show.

Crystals - One of the many Feng Shui Tips on offer

Crystals – One of the many Feng Shui Tips on offer

Welcome to the World of Feng Shui – E1

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Have you ever wondered what the world of Feng Shui is about?  The FengShui Mastery Show is an invitation to discover how your world of Feng Shui is subtly influencing your life from your health, to your wealth and everything in between.

I have some great subjects and interviews lined up for you : we are going to be looking at some  great ideas behind feng shui and the mystical source from which the whole practice originated.

There will be interviews on people who successfully cleared their clutter; how they did it and how it made them feel afterwards.

Is this something that resonates with you?  Do you have clutter too that is crowding your life?

There is an opportunity to find out why you don’t sleep well in certain rooms, why your money keeps disappearing as fast as it comes in, why there is conflict constantly within the family or for those who just don’t feel their home is THEIR home!

How do you feel in your own home, place of work or business?

Those in business and industry can discover that  how you move around your space makes all the difference to clarity of mind and concentration.  How the walls of your business are exuding a message you never even realized!  How colours, shapes and sounds contribute to the decisions you are making every day.

Have you ever noticed when your eye meets with a dead looking plant in the office?  Does that elevate or deflate you?

The world of Feng Shui offers  a pragmatic approach as we hear why you would set up your environment in a way to support you – your colleagues and those dear to you.

Is this something that you feel could help you too?

You are going to hear from people who have implemented the world of Feng Shui principles and how those changes affected them.  Topics like meditation, spirituality, philosophy, geometry, colour, form, design, music, aroma, will be discussed and provide insights on how to take control of your environments so they support you at all times in all aspects of your life.

Warm Regards


Cathi Hargaden


P.S. In this podcast you will open doors to a new way of thinking, living, and succeeding in the world of Feng Shui.

Create Your World of Feng Shui Today

Create Your World of Feng Shui Today

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