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Relationships: What a topic to discuss. Talking about special relationships in your life or a long term partner or civil or religious ceremony no matter what it all begins with vibration.

Have you ever felt you were exuding a particular vibration from yourself?
Have you noticed when you are in a good space within yourself that you feel great and so does everybody else?
That you start attracting some great potential friends and partners? Where does that special vibration come from?

Well it does start within but is also supported and influenced by what is it that is around you; that ‘s right, your environment.

For instance, is your environment full of certain images so that life leads you to that particular vision?

Are you hanging on to life in the past? Do you have much memorablia that ties you to too many people who have since long gone from your life?



How about looking at what is right in front of you?

What do you see?

Is it chaos or clarity? Is it comfort or pain? How do you feel where you sleep, eat, relax?

These are just some of the ideas mentioned in the interview with Corinna; a lady who talks about how she managed to attract the ideal guy into her life and it is absolutely fascinating to hear.

Is it possible that your husband or wife is within reach of where you are now?

Could it be that neither of you are resonating from the same energetic pattern and therefore quite easily miss each other?

Listening to this interview we see how people miss each other all the time without knowing it and its not until there is an internal shift within that things on the outside, begin to appear.


1. Clear Clutter
2. Change energetic pattern
3. Change your pictures
4. Orientate using the Compass
5. Time your changes.

This interview is not only a fascinating explanation on how relationships can manifest but it is an invitation to take up some of the ideas mentioned, utilise them and see how you get on.

Be sure to comment below on your findings.

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