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5 Steps to Creating Wealth, Thanks to Feng Shui

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How many steps do you really need to start feeling wealthy?  In my videos
I talk about wealth not just being about money but its about health, relationships,
connections and opportunities to travel, create a spiritual journey for yourself also.

Each of these steps are explored in my webinar 5 Steps to Creating Wealth and there
is sufficient material in there to get started on your feng shui journey.

Most people overlook the simple and the obvious and its quite apparent that we try to get clarity in our life when all around us there is nothing but chaos and obstruction.

So I invite you to sign up for my many videos and free ebooks to get you going on making
the changes on the outside so the inside starts to feel great.

वास्तु सुझाव | 10 Feng Shui Tips to Boost Your Luck | Money | Home | Off…

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If you are in a hurry like everybody is these days then feng shui tips in short will do the trick.

But, like anything you can read, listen and do anything but at the end of the day you have to take


So when you have finished reading this go and do….even if you dont do it all if you take one step towards accomplishing just one of these tips you feel good about yourself and, even more importantly
you followed through and starting a habit of putting things into action.

So, go now and do what you have been taught oh and dont forget if you want to know more then let me know in the box above.

Cathi Hargaden

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What is energy marketing? Well Nikla Tesla once said; “If you want to understand the universe think of frequency, vibration and energy”.
It’s the 98% that is invisible that makes a deciding factor on anything; its not the tip of the iceburg but what feels to be underneath that unresounding potential, the unknown that influences an energetic field. Why would it be any different in marketing who and what we are?
Yes you can look on the outside; the beautiful glittering and shimmering wares but what makes the difference to how people feel towards anything is a frequency and vibration of energy that either transports them towards you or something or repells away from it.
Think of places you have been before where you were automatically transported towards a place, a person and it made you feel great, transported; perhaps a group of people who all had good vibes and were working together in a positive way. And, then the places, people and spaces where you just feel there is something not quite right. This is not necessarily aligned with places that look glamourous and don’t have any hidden negative energies because they do.

So, how is it you create the right energy for marketing what it is you want to create, sell and advertise?

People decide at the entrance to a house whether this is the home for them to buy or rent and yet what is it that creates that feeling?  If everything is energy what is it that creates that great welcoming energy?  Think colours, think of sounds, vegetation and the wow factor to any entrance.  If you have a live business and you want people who work there to be productive then you have to create a feeling of unity and cooperation.

In energy marketing if you look at the Taoist philosophy it brings into two forces that all businesses have to be aware of; one is that change is inevitable the only thing is that change going up or down or stagnating the company.  Two is the ability for all elements in any company, household or work place to be demonstrating cooperation; those elements in this systems are 5 – and they have names such as wood, water, fire earth and metal.

It is not that these elements are tangible in our life but more of a representation of qualities that we have to harness and use to create optimal results.  These elements demonstrate to us that you require a balance, you require a certain kind of energy to motivate, create, grow, sustain and manifest and the space to receive.

This is why some of the top corporations and companies worldwide employ these models, paradigms of such great philosophies because they work; better ideas make great products and services; pulling in great flow of wealth which in turn makes people feel valued and worthwhile and so the cycle goes.

Energy Marketing therefore is about putting in place the best dynamics to attract investors; sustain capital flow and have the space big enough to accept and receive the profits.

So you may ask how do I put this into operation?

Well most companies hover on imbalances and shakily make their way through an unknown tunnel – probably because they have tunnel vision but these five elements most of the time are not cooperating with each in many peoples’ businesses or lives but more busy destroying each other; the wood uproots the earth, the fire melts the metal, the metal cuts the wood; these tendencies are required at times when certain parts of a business have to be curtailed, cutback as in nature’s pruning but each part is sum of a whole and therefore important to know where the balance should lie.

So do you want to know how to create some of the best energy marketing for your business whether it be online or in real time-then watch out for my next blog where I will be sharing some of the top secrets created precisely for energy creation to attract the right things into your business. 

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Where is the Map of Wealth?

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Hi my name is Cathi Hargaden and if you haven’t been able to attract the kind of wealth you want in your life, then

listen closely to everything I tell you in this webinar. I’ve helped hundreds of people unlock the abundance in their

lives using the power of Feng Shui.

In this Feng Shui webinar, I’m going to reveal 5 easy to follow steps you can do right now in your home and

workspace to start attracting wealth in your life  You’ll discover:

  • The little known reason most people are blocking their wealth in little places in their homes.
  • How to make any environment instantly feel peaceful and inspiring, (people won’t want to leave)
  • The 5 elements of the universe and how to keep yourself and them in perfect balance so you feel better and have more energy
  • The Map Of Wealth? Where to put things and why
  • 9 Doors Of Life Leading To Wealth and How to use them in all areas of your life
Once you know where your FENG SHUI money area is located, it makes sense to create good feng shui energy in

it. After all, feng shui is all about creating a space – be it at home or at the office – to improve all areas of your life,

and you would not want to leave out the money area, right?

All that plus much more.

Please enter your name and email address to register for this life changing webinar.

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