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Inviting in the Fire Rooster of 2017 for Chinese Feng Shui

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I cant think of a better way of changing the energy of your home and inviting the Fire Rooster of

2017 other than using the power of sound vibrations through singing bowls.  The Power of

Vibrations and Sounds soothes your own home and probably your heart.

I just invited my great Tibetan friend Ongar into a special home recently built in order to cleanse the

home for attracting good health, wealth and relationships.

Last year myself and Ongar demonstrated some amazing singing bowls in his little shop in Kerala.

Now we have taken it one step further and started cleansing spaces and places for peoples’ residences

old and new – he explains how the vibration of sounds can disperse the patterns of stagnancy and

when the windows are open the vibration of the old energy is invited to leave peacefully.

Have a listen to this great demonstration and get going with your own singing bowl because

everything in life is down to the Actions You take for Yourself.  This is one of the best methods of

letting go of the old Fire Monkey 2016 whether it be decluttering, space-clearing, changing around

the rooms, moving, using the power of the five elements, using the sound bowls to get started is very


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