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1.    What’s happening to the Water in Your Business?  Leaks from the ceiling, water spurts from another source all these signs are indicative of issues with cash flow – these monetary situations are often reflected in the environment reflecting back to us that there is stagnancy, blockage or resistance to receiving in business practices.
2.    Have you Checked out The Predecessor Chi of Your Premises?
I know it sounds crazy doesn’t it that who occupied the premises previously leaves behind their own pattern of energy: thinking, feeling, strategizing etc  Whether they are good bad or indifferent why not clear the space so you can start with the energetic dynamic that you need for your business?
3.    What’s happening with the plants in your space? Dead! Dying? Absent?  Wood and Water that feeds the Wood are symbols of Wealth. Make sure your plants reflect back to you an energy you need in order to operate a successful business.
4.    What’s on Your Walls and What Do The pictures exude about your focus, mission and business philosophy.  What’s the feeling being offered as a result of your business?  Focus on the feeling of the picture and preferably have nature as one example in those pictures.
5.    Has Time Stood Still in your business environment? Behind the times, not shooting from all cylinders and update is required? -don’t let your clocks put you back unless that is the true nature of your business!  Tick Tock…………………..
6.    How does the Entrance to Your Business or where you work Greet Your Clients?  Look at colour, design and movement; what captures peoples emotions and makes them feel a specific positive way?
7.    Are You sitting in the Power Seat of Your Business? Or What Strength do You have Behind you in Your Business?    What is strengthening you in your space?  Having one strong visual image behind you is a subliminal connection to your strength.
Want to know more? Intrigued by how you can put your Business back into the 21stCentury or Curious to know how you get started?
I have been in over 1000 homes and 500 businesses throughout the world and all of the above has been relevant wherever I go!  Try it for yourself or be aware of how these aspects are leaking within your home and forcing a blockage in your life.
You might recognize some of these scenarioes but would appreciate assistance from an objective presence; contact me on or go to

7 Feng Shui Secrets in Your Home

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1.    All this talk about money but the source of money has been traced back to the description of allowing transactions to flow between people without blockages. 
This is an adequate description of what many people face in their own home; Blockages!!  They don’t even realize that having a leak, a blocked drain, pipes and gutters impeding the flow of waste water, foul smells from sinks are all indicative that money is coming in but it doesn’t flow-how many people feel they are just working to keep things ticking over from one week to the next?
This is why water is hugely profiled in the East and Europe-from the courtyard fountains to the tropical fish tanks – water is honoured as a flow synonymous with wealth-if wealth does not flow and it flows out as quick as it flows in then look around your home; what is reflecting back to you?  blockages, drop by drop leaks?  Address it and see the results.
2.    I have had too many experiences with the washing machines in over 1000 homes to realize that this equipment of course is essential to the modern day household but is often indicative and reflective of our lives.
 Ensure that if your washing machine is broken, or it if you have leaks, stagnant water left behind because you are unable to open the door then address them immediately.  When the washing machine is out of order ask yourself if you don’t wash your dirty laundry who will?  This is symbolic of not wanting to take responsibility for difficulties in your own life, often created by yourself, and now is not the time to evade them but deal with them.  Worse still stagnant water in the household is reduced income and sometimes loss of income as water equates to flow of money and wealth.
If you just use these symbols within the home they unconsciously reflect back to us issues and problems with water standing still; not working for you, leaks synonymous with sudden losses of money.
3.    Take a look at the windows in your home – are they fogged, can you see out of them clearly?  Reflecting back that sometimes we don’t always see what is in front of us – our perception is skewered – when you have windows that are clean on the inside and out then true pictures emerge-information is retrieved that allow you to assess a situation fully – this in turn does affect your wealth and health.
4.    Tick tock Tick Tock…time is passing by and at one time having a clock and the sounds it made was atmospheric and very noticeable that it had stopped.  When your clocks are stuck on a time ask yourself are you stuck in a groove, a time block, a moment that you are unable to move on?  Ensure all your clocks are moving forward even if time is an illusion – it is reflecting back that you are not flowing with the times and this can allow you to be ahead in your own home.
5.    What’s happening with the living matter in your Home?  That is the plants – we have all seen and even noticed that some plants thrive and others just give in – then when you shift them to a different place they thrive?  Is that to do with the light, the ley lines, the geopathic stress – who knows but a continual lack of concern for something dying each day in front of you or inability to attend to your living matter provides a great question to you:  are you attending and caring for yourself?  When something as obvious as a plant that has been brought in to the space-that of nature starts to wither, flail or die the energetic printout is reflecting back to you something inside of you.  This is a moment in time to address within yourself as well as within the plant.
6.    What does your Front door and entrance say to you?  When you return after work – you come in and out of that door many times but ask yourself how does this make u feel?  Daunting, bleak,? or elevated; flowers of aroma & colour or litter & rubbish.  Creaking doors as you open it; something disturbing you as you go in-hinge rusty? Jarring noises, something behind the door is impeding full openness thereby making lack of clarity, are there key problems in the door –do you really want to be here?  What is jarring your experience at this entrance?  How a place greets and meets you affects your energy so  ensure there are flowers, aroma, and the brass is shined and full open swing of the door is possible as its how you greet the world and your own inner being.
7.    Finally, witness how corners, cupboards, lofts and cellars filled with clutter and the past are jarring your peace and harmony in life.  If you want to feel lighter, want to feel a sense of letting go – literally let go of all the things in your life that are blocking your pathways-we cant take any of this with us – so if its paining you, stored memories of times long lost then reflecting back to you is a reminder that NOW is the time to get clarity and let go.
I have been in over 1000 homes throughout the world and all of the above has been relevant wherever I go!  Try it for yourself or be aware of how these aspects are leaking within your home and forcing a blockage in your life.
You might recognize some of these scenarios but would appreciate assistance from an objective presence; contact me on or go to

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