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Feng Shui for Location, Position where you Reside; How Does it Affect You?

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People are taking vast doses of medication for insomnia – we are the pill popping culture because medicine knows right yes?  But what if your environment is subliminally continuously feeding back messages of anxiety, distress and creating sleeplessness.  Its often one of the areas that is lastly to be considered.  For example where is your bed located?
Is it facing the door?
Is it under a beam
Is the back of the bed on a wall attached to electo energy on the other room?
Are you underneath the window?

People in the major cities right across the world are sacrificing their lives to purchase apartments that look like coffins with limited space to breathe.  This is why what you do with that space is vital to your essence for life!

Most houses have a TV in the bedroom; why is it that the advertising and marketing industries are multi trillion investments?  Because they have the power to insidiously put messages into your brain and then you wonder why you are ill?

Ever been to the States where their commercials convince you that you are sick ;there is always something wrong with you of course there is a pill they can sell you to cure it.  The electromagnetic energy exuding from the tv even if its disconnected from its socket continues to send waves of magnetism into the room.  Could this be the reason why you are not sleeping well?

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