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Feng Shui & Meditation for Your Cells

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As I started meditating and writing on how spaces affect us inside I realised that some of the

most important spaces in our lives are the spaces within our cells.  After all there is a whole universe

within each cell and space is one of its most important constituents.

The reality for many peoples’ lives is that they are so busy more than ever before and now being

entranced down the tunnels of devices the poverty is that people don’t turn within and discover the

amazing universe that exists within.

Having taught many people how to do this I realised how people have more in common rather than

differences and their ability to share that one universe that exists within all of us is often the final

link that makes us realise we are all connected and that there is no seperation.

This video is just a little introduction when you want to close your eyes you can go within you

and discover lots about yourself, each other and the universe.

I have used these techniques on people with neurological diseases, terminal conditions, mental health

issues but you dont have to be defined by anything to want to partake of this natural curiosity

about yourself and the universe to know more.

Why both watching the T.V. – listening to some fake story or other peoples’ reality when you can

sit quietly, costing you nothing and discover your own Star Wars within.

Want to know more on how to do this?  Contact me on or join my

growing group of students for this journey reaching me on

What Is Feng Shui? How To Use Feng Shui In The Office Or Home

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An introduction to some of the basics of why Feng Shui and an awareness of your home &

business is very important when you are focusing on your wealth, health and relationships.

I spoke to Steven out in Australia on one of his wealth seminars because I noticed that people

are eager to get the “right information” on how to be successful with passive cash flow but

no one ever looks at how their environment is set up for their success.

I have heard comments from people who have no understanding of this philosophy because what they

dont realise is people work all their lives with a view to have a nice place to live in, a house that

sings a great feeling of vibration and harmony.  Most people walk straight into a new home thinking

exactly that; its NEW!  Yes, it is NEW to them but what they dont realise the previous occupants will

have set up their own patterns in the home and no one cleanses the premises; those who leave and

those who are moving into the house.

Now that you wonder who were the previous occupants in your home and what did they leave behind

before you moved in?  So what can you do to dispel the patterns of the last occupants?  What can

you do to dispell your own self-sabotaging patterns of conflict, arguments and defeat?

If YOU want to find out more; will tell you more.

Feng Shui & Relationships

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Find out what Corinna did to attract the best guy ever into her life?  A delightful discussion

on how to use the power of Feng Shui in your life when you want to attract a partner into your life.

When you live on your own the environment or landscape starts to set up a pattern where its totally

solo – there is no space for anybody else, and the territory is configured so there is only ever YOU!

Now, if you want that and want to be alone then that is fine – go ahead with that pattern.

But, what if your pattern does not reflect the kind of feeling and vision you wanted in your life?

Then be aware of how you have set up your home and is it set up to attract the kind of partner you

want into your life?  The colours, the visions, the artwork, the aromas and the ultimate feeling – is it

one of excitement, romance, thrill, or one of desperation, loneliness, unhappiness with the self?

Your home will always vibrate the  feeling that you are attracting into your life so there are so many

ways you can get your alignment with your vision!

  1. Make sure your art work is attracting the feeling you like in attracting a partner
  2. Ensure there is some red in your home – candles, flowers, symbolic signs.
  3. Aromas have feminine and masculine notes so that there is a balance between yin and yang
  4. That there is an image of the kind of person and their qualities you would desire into your life.
Keep listening and discover more and if that has whet your appetite go to:
to get my free webinar on Feng Shui & relationships.

Feng Shui Prerequisite: Clutter-free with Joshua Becker

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This is a youtube video – I liked this guy’s attitude and has a similar philosophy to what I teach too!

It’s not just about what you see on the outside its your state of mind and where you are in yourself.

So, you have to take that into account; its not just about tangible clutter blocking your hallways and


I have done webinars, interviews across the world as well as walking into over 1000 homes and I can

tell you that some people have started clearing their office, home as they hear me speak.  So, when I

have spoken about clutter there seems to be an epiphany for many people so much so that they want

to take Action right away.  Is this You?

As a Health Professional, the main thing I have noted is how peoples’ health is always affected by

what is surrounding them; clutter!

 Lost memories, stored sadnesses, chaotic misfit purchases;

 Is this You?

I have been in so many homes where people are shouting, arguing, conflict arises; where for the

elderly their mobility is compromised as they end up on the floor for hours due to objects

constricting their flow, accumulation of objects in a corner affecting peoples’ mental health.

Is this you or somebody you know?

Some people I dealt with we could not start right away because I had to get pass their shame and

guilt before we could do anything.

So, what can you do about it?  You can pick up my free ebook to help you that is for sure!

Or, if you want someone to get you started or assist in this process go to

Either way, do yourself a favour & get on this journey now before Your environment starts

influencing your level of health both mentally and physically.  Let Go Now……

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