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Feng Shui & Google Lounging in the UK

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That’s right folks ever thought about working like this as though you are in a pub?  Well don’t laugh because that is exactly what Google are offering in yet again another change in environments to pull out those elusive ideas from the brains behind the multi million idea products, services and champions of technology.

So, have you ever wondered what the environment you are working in is pulling out of you?  Many offices I experienced were full of clutter, dark, dank and damp places, grey computers and walls of magnolia just about as inspiring as a weed dying in front of you.

Many years ago the founder of Selfridges knew the power of sounds, visions and symbols for his workforce and offered them a special room to retreat to one not unlike the one below:

Yes imagine the owners of these great businesses knew the power of ENVIRONMENTS and how to take care of their staff – a place to retreat to think about themselves, their work and to reflect upon the day.  How great is that?
No matter, if you have no control of this in your work place why not create your own healing and reflective space at home so that you can stop, think about the day, plan for tomorrow, or just be still and silent and realise what it is like just to BE.
How many of us ever get this opportunity to BE STILL – I can tell you very few.  With the TV or the computer broadcasting messages out all day and then when we return home demands of others’ in the household or even our pets where are the breaks in silence.
I know my own Mum would retreat to the toilet; unfortunately she did smoke as this was her excuse to retreat – she would sit there and all her great ideas came from that outpost; her ability to start her own business, to design and tailor her own clothes, accessories, trips wow there was no end to her creativity – I could never compete with this mindset focused and manifesting most of my life.
So if this is something you want to get on track with often you realise that a moment of stillness is worth one day’s production of creativity.  So, come one folks, lets get into the groove, you are CREATIVE, your are MAGICAL, and celebrate that fact.
Click on this link which will help you establish your own space to heal, relax, retreat and grab those many ideas flowing your way.  Be sure to capitalise on them.  For more information on how to change your environment for love, wealth, inner spirit you can find me on

Feng Shui & Ayurveda

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The two philosophies of Feng Shui & Ayurveda are both dated from ancient philosophies many years
old than most things in our civilisations today.  Feng Shui is sourced from the I Ching which tells an
ancient old story of how energies between yin and yang operate.  These two energies of yin and yang
are evident in our daily lives whether it is food, actions, wealth or health.  It’s about how two totally
different energies are constantly dancing with each other; to know beauty you have to know ugliness
and so on.  In the same way Ayurveda philosophy also has these two energies within its health
system; known as Prakriti and Purusha.

Either way both of these philosophies deal with energy in our environments – energy and vibration
that affects us on the inside.  Then Ayurveda is the energy within our cells, tissues, organs and our
These two different energies in Ayurveda represent the two aspects of our existence; the self and the
subtle.  Feng Shui has the yin and the yang – but both are broken down into 3 and 5 different
kinds of energies respectively.
Feng Shui is broken down into the 5 elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood.  Whilst Ayurveda
is broken down into three energies of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.
This is just the beginning of how source of all energies begin to manifest in our worlds; through our
bodies and throughout our environments.
To find out more about my time with Dr. Gokal in his clinic at Ayur Kerala in Kovalum, Kerala, India
go to my youtube chanel for more follow ups:
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Feng Shui & The Power of Sounds in Your Home

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I spent some time in Kerala, India the last couple of years and learnt a lot of skills on how to

change the energy and the feeling in your home for the better.  Ongar, my friend sells the singing

bowls a few months of the year and he explained the power of the sound on the walls, the vibrations

of your own home.

We spoke about how water and moisture in the atmosphere holds thoughts and vibrations of the

people living there – now its fine if you have lots of happy people living there but what about

the self sabotage moments, or the previous occupants who have never cleansed their household?

Imagine living, buying a house or renting it and walking into a soup of other peoples’ thoughts and

feelings that were not particularly pleasant?  Well this is what people are doing all the time.  They

are moving in literally with other peoples thoughts and feelings.  No matter how rich, poor, ill or

healthy one never really truly knows what goes on behind closed doors.

This is why Ongar’s demonstration shows us how to cleanse that space, dissipate any of the patterns

left behind by other occupants.

When you watch this video you will also see him moving water in the bowl just purely by moving

the stick on the outside of the bowl.  He explains that the vibration of that water is nutritious and can

heal the cells inside of the human body because it has been energised.

The video explains the art of space cleansing but this is just one method of doing this-there are many

others and you might be interested in finding out the other methods here:

Better still why not get started right away and go to and get yourself a

healing space clearing box.

Once you have cleansed your house, business, retail area the energy in there starts to change; all the

self defeating, sabotage charged areas are dissipated.  This is one of the best ways you can ever heal

yourself and your home whether you want to move on in your life, sell your home, ultimately the

FEELING is what motivates people to want to live in any place; some people have choices in

their life as to where they live others do not.  But the latter can still cleanse their own space simply by

using these singing bowls.  Please comment, share, like or subscribe as there are more videos like

on the way to you;

Cathi Hargaden Home Office Video

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I was invited by Pavlina Papalouka to comment on some of the ways in which to orientate

her space for business and innovation.  I made comments on colour, what sits behind her

chair and why its important to have a strong image behind you like a tiger, mountain, a bridge.

What is lying in front of you?  What are you looking at all day?

Have one picture that sums up where you want to flow to or what you wish to attract into your


I have used some of these techniques when dealing with people who have experienced mental health

problems and had their own business but were resistant to returning to work is a huge effort.

I found enabling people to have more power over their space and inviting them to be creative in this

pursuit allows people greater control over their life here in the NOW.

You may have your business at home and if that is the case you can get your own Office in Order and

set it up for Wealth and cash flow in the coming months if you get started now:

So to get started, focus on the entrance to that room, ensure you have living plants that are health,

ensure you have something behind where you are sitting, reduce any clutter or anything that restricts

movement in and around the door area.  Ensure all clocks are moving with the right time, that the

front of you has some image which illustrates your goals.

People don’t realise that is you do not clear the space from the previous occupants especially in

business or from your own self sabotaging patterns then you will continue to have the same thinking

patterns and will go round and round in circles.

My free ebook will provide you with the opportunity to get started now in setting up the space you

work in for wealth, health and focus:

Trend Flows in the Work Place

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Flow in often associated with the movement of water and that would include the circulation within our bodies.  We also talk about flow in relation to cash flow and wealth as when we talk about floating a company on the stock market.

What happens when you are in the work place but there is no flow – how would you know this?

My experience of being in over 60 offices has allowed me to identify immediately whether there is a flow within the work place.  Here are some pointers;

  1. The plants are dying
  2. Peoples posture being slumped over the computer and they hardly ever move away from the computer
  3. People are blocked in and around where they are sitting – blocked and not moving at all.
  4. At lunch times people never get up to eat somewhere different but stay put and process the computer work at the same time.
  5. There is no clear flow in and out of the office – and there are too many straight lines so if there is a flow it tends to be what we call a poisoned arrow.
  6. Seating arrangements are set up for oppositional power traps – one line against the other – one clique against another – hierarchal spots where people never go – reserved only for the elite.
  7. People sitting directly next to photocopier machines being poisoned by the electro magnetic energy and constantly being subjected to this on their immune systems.
There are a lot more indicators but these are one’s to watch for the time being.  Take note and if you wish to know more contact me at

Workplace broken

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Right across the world it is demonstrated how broken the workplace situation is being experienced; in essence as Gallup suggests in the article below:

  Having been in over 60 offices myself; walking into these places I pick up the energy of the masses and often it is one of heaviness, and a feeling of being caged in.  Primarily within the government and public buildings this has been a common denominator.  Often surrounded with huge electro magnetic energy being pulled in by photocopiers and computers now the normal image of people eating at their desks staring into the pit of their monitors with no relationship to what they are eating.
The layout of the modern office is not conducive particularly to relate to anybody and the idea of hot desking affords even more a form of anonymity than ever before.  The pattern of becoming indifferent to who sits next to you; the lack of a safe place to return to especially within the realm of social work and community workers who often are floating workers anyway when out in the community.

These were the observations I made that with lack of resources including desks people began to attack each other if there was nowhere to settle and work.  In fact, within the public domain it was common to pay locums a lot of money but not provide them with the resources in which to do the job!
Within the private sector – wow – was there a difference especially in the larger corporations.  Vodaphone for instance afforded a beautiful cafeteria with powerful seating and curvaceous designs in and around the office.  The workers appeared happy but there is no comparison with how Google intends to treat their employees with grass verges, meadows to walk, swimming pools to flow with ideas and lots of fun and games to endure as a means of having a relaxed workforce relaxed enough to come with some of the greatest ideas for the corporation.
Most people are surrounded in offices with no good lighting, magnolia paint on the walls, carpets that electrify the hair and clothes, white or grey desks so everything has a Metal energy to it.  Where I worked they did indulge in some amazing mural scenes of water, nature and earth and this added a huge dimension to the environment where people were not completely frozen out of nature itself.

Remember also if you intend to create your own office at home where more and more people are working these days give some consideration on how colour, orientation, living matter such as plants and aromas all impact upon your performance whilst working and relating to others.  If you are interested in creating a positive environment in your own work place this may help you get started:

Who Controls All of Our Money?

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This is an excellent question and yet we all seek out or are focused on this stuff from an early age for all kinds of reasons.  I was very focused on money because it was the scene of so many disputes in our house so much so that by the age of 8 I was (unbeknownst to myself) creating my own business out the concept of
 S P A C E  –
 yes it was that special space in the street in which I lived.

The first few times were hair raising – my job was to apportion the space to the fans of Everton and Liverpool Football Club in the U.K.  So, when they arrived in their flash cars (because we didn’t have one so anything with four wheels was considered flash) all the kids would screech

“Can I mind your car please Sir?”

Of course, because I turned up regularly and because I was always present drivers noticed me so I began to acquire the bulk of the cars to watch over.  Of course there were some mishaps but it taught me  how to communicate; what people valued and above all a sense of trust and security.

So, returning to this video above; my money rolled in and I began to be the richest kid on the block and the family.  Once I reached age 13 I was setting up a stall in a market with my Mum selling jewellery & fancy goods.  I sold to the teachers and friends in school, I learnt the words profit and loss.  It wasn’t about the money when I look back but all the other skills I had garnered along the way.

By the age of 16 years I was studying in my lunch time on the day I was working in the market and what I realise now is, that, it wasn’t the skills and knowledge I learnt at school that has helped me in my life but the skills from the sideline businesses.

So, the flow of money was good but we were never taught what this video above details.  The only one salient lesson I learnt in maths was the movement and flow of Compound Interest!

I didn’t know what it meant but I instinctively understood it.  We were never taught how to save, or how to invest and what was an asset.  Don’t be silly this was not for the likes of the working class kid in Liverpool.

No, but I did understand profit and loss and that if you were putting all your hours in you had to ask yourself where is the profit?  To quote Robert Kyosaki: Pay Yourself First!  I knew that concept because I had learnt it from a very early age.

This video is an affront to the blood, sweat and tears of all the folks who work and dedicated their precious time for a monetary return.  I recall in 1974  my Mum condemning the action of Nixon taking us off the gold standard and I recall she bought me a gold charm bracelet for £50 – I didn’t know what she was talking about – but since I have now realised the value is in the gold not in the paper – take a trip to India is basic knowledge.

What was the value of gold and what did it have to do with dollars.  Then, next stage was aged 18 I found myself teaching english on the island of Crete, Greece.  One thing really stood out and I phoned my Mum and said; “What’s all this about an American Dollar?  All these people seem to want and are obsessed with the American dollar as well as Adidas, LaCoste etc . In fact I wrote a poem about what appeared to be the lost civilisation of Greece and the degeneration into what appeared to me to be the American culture being honoured.  That poem got me an A+++ in Creative Writing @ A Level but I do digress……….

What I discovered then was this concept of the American dollar being the reserve currency – this was something we definitely were not taught at school and I find that now the education system is a deliberate attempt to bamboozle the students and distract them so that at no point do they discover the
truth as outlined in the Above Video.

Having spent thousands of pounds in my latter years becoming financially educated and of course making the major mistakes I discovered how the rich buy assets and the poor buy consumer items.  That is exactly what they are; to be consumed, eaten, digested and thrown away including the big black box on the wall!

I could write more but this is just a small window of my journey in life with regard to the importance of one’s financial status but it must be focused upon in relation to everything else in our life; and that is where I began to study the 5 Elemental Balance from the I Ching and the philosophy of FengShui.

There will be more revealed no doubt about how we have all had the wool pulled over our eyes since we were children but videos such as this and Michael Maloney’s amazing education on Money will outshine all education in the classroom.

If you want to discover more about the Cycle of Wealth go to :

Meditation & Inner Feng Shui

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All it takes is one drop of time, one moment to realise that peace, quiet and tranquility is the fuel of

your life.  Without that silence from time to time how do you sustain yourself?  Getting away from

the melodrama matrix, the duality of conflict and contradictions, the search for illusions that become

lost in illusions this one moment within makes up for all the time lost as the silence, peace and

balance is restored.

With so much external stimulation like IT devices, tv, news channels, people’s conversation,

billboards we think we aren’t being affected but this all starts in the school class room probably

even before that!  We are distracted, taken off guard, our focus is shifted from one bright light to

another and before long our own desires, passions and equilibrium are lost and in some cases for a

very long time if not a lifetime.

As I write a fly is determined to distract me from my focus and emotional balance taking me to other

parts of the room and off my main goal – to write.  And, this is how life is; we can set our target but

other distractions come into play and its the subliminal one’s that are so insidious as for us never

really to be aware of that power over us.

So, here are a list of people who have used this one focused vision of meditating to achieve what

they wanted in the world;

 irregardless of who these people are its all about YOU in the end.

So if you are wanting to get started yourself look at a few of my home meditation teachings – and join

me soon on the inner feng shui journey of meditation; that is guiding you how to discover all the

Treasures you ever needed that are within you now:

Google & Feng Shui for the Corporate World

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As I write Google are creating one of the most delightful environments for their employees in Kings

Cross, London, UK.  Now, I wonder why?  Anyone know?  Well I can tell you.

Google is totally aware that having their employees in places where they feel they can relax; where

there is obvious nature, growth; where there is evidence of the five elements both in colour, texture

and aromas.

They are in the business of ensuring that the people with the great ideas for business are looked after

well.  They are indulged with comfortable seats, water fountains and aquariums, plants and grass that

is growing, colours of red, yellow, blue and green and white.  All the colours of the five elements of

earth, water, fire, metal and wood.  You see when you have a balance of these 5 elements in your

home, workspace, retail space it allows people to feel more balanced within themselves as well as

being stimulated into creativity.  Think about your own place where you work; spartan white

institutional magnolia, dying plants, steel and glass of computers all in a row of chairs like flowers


Look at how creative some of these environments are designed – totally out of context as though

they they are on a Fiji Island -how many get to work in such delightful and creative places?

Clearly Google.  It isn’t because they want to put some pretty photos in their corporation but they

want to extract the optimum amount of productive ideas for their company.

It’s not just colour but shape, design, geometry, metaphor and symbolism.  Their current plans in

London is to have a rooftop swimming pool, a meadow on the roof and many other environmental

features that assist their workers to actually want to turn up to work and have a great time.  This is

along with the tactile services of massage, relaxation, meditation and all the other goodies that assist

people to relax because when people relax this is when they often have their aha moment NOT when

they are stuck on a motorway or stressed.

Politicians, CEOS, Directors of famous companies even I was demonstrating the principles of

Feng Shui on the floor of Selfridges in Manchester, UK 15 years ago!

So, how about you finding out how you can introduce these ideas into your Corporation?  Go to or download my free feng shui business ebook:

Feng Shui & Meditation for the Corporate World

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Do you not realise that what is making people who are successful whether entrepreneurs or

corporations is the fact that they take care of themselves in more ways than One.

They develop their mindset to a point that there is no room for failure – that the inner architecture

of their mind ensures they are resilient, forward thinking, confident and push through the barriers.

Another way  to access that inner architecture is through the Power of sitting still and breathing.

Through meditation people access parts of themselves they never knew where present.

There is nothing to be apprehensive about or scared because you are accessing the unique inner

power that is truly yours.  What prevents people from believing in themselves is often the

catastrophic bombardment of messages shouted at them through the education system, the parental

system and all the other influential forces including social media and the T.V.

All these systems bombard what is otherwise an amazing creative space in each human and, if there

was early intervention to prevent all this people would not be distracted into thinking less of

themselves but more focused on what is creative within them.

A life of conforming to ideals of what is supposed to be or considered educational, intelligent, or

creative has limited far more potential within than most people would or could ever realise.

Here just a few who have used this approach in their life and achieved great things:

People in the Corporate World if not now but started practising Inner Architecture Meditation

would soon discover the edge within themselves; that is their unique ideas, clarity of vision, focus

on completion, communication for all, interaction with their environments and so much more.

Want to know more?  Contact Cathi on . because getting started NOW

means an Edge to you and Your Business and Corporation

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