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Feng Shui & Geopathic Stress

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Your Geopathic Stress Solution

Geopathic stress is a distorted or disrupted electromagnetic field of the Earth (Schumann Resonance / Waves). It is a new term that covers the relationship between earth energies and our well-being. Geo means Earth and Pathic means disease, as well as a cure for disease.

In 1952, a German physicist W.O. Schumann identified 7.83Hz as a frequency of the earth’s magnetic field. 7.83Hz frequency falls within the range of natural human alpha brainwaves which is optimum state for well-being and healing.

Underground streams, sewers, water pipes, electricity, tunnels and underground railways, mineral formations and geological faults distort the natural resonance of the Earth thus creating geopathic stress. Steel pilings, metal fences post and road signs stakes as well as buried gas can also disrupt Schumann Resonace. Certain types of building foundations and structures can be another cause of geopathic stress.

Geopathic stress has been known for a long time. In feng shui, it is also known as claws of the dragon, dragon lines or underground demons. The ancient Romans would test a place by allowing a sheep to graze in the area for a period of time then dissect the sheep to see if their organs were healthy or not.

Signs that a place is affected by geopathic stress are as follows.

1) You still feel tired when you wake up in the morning.
2) You don’t see your home as a sanctuary. You feel uncomfortable in your own place.
3) You or a family member may have serious illness and is unresponsive to treatment. 
4) The previous owner of the house suffered from serious disease.

These may sound terrifying to you. However, there are solutions to this problem. Listed below are cures and preventive measures for geopathic stress.

1) Seek the help of a professional dowser to help you identify the problem areas.
2) Rearrange your living space to avoid spending too much time on the area.
3)  Use feng Shui to influence these interacting energies to improve your life.
4) Create a cork barrier. Some people think that oak trees mysteriously developed a natural resistance to geopathic stress.
5) Use crystals for healing and protective qualities. It protects you from geopathic stresses through energy resonance. 

If you think you’re suffering from geopathic stress, or you want to protect your family, don’t hesitate to consult me. 
Go to and get the help that you need. Bring in quality to your life.

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                                      Create A Breathable Space With Feng Shui

Air and sunlight are essential to humans for survival. We need to be breathing fresh air and get enough sunlight every day. Unfortunately, this is not happening. We are often confined in poorly ventilated spaces, which is detrimental to our health and overall well being.

Most of the time we live in confined spaces with closed doors and windows. We are stuck with the same air every day. This leads to us having stale air. Oftentimes the lack of sunlight leads to emotional and physical problems. People acquire diseases and suffer depression.

The good news is that having a healthy living space is easy. We just need to do few innovations and be open to change. Here are some tips on how to have a breathable living space.

Be organized.

Clean and organize your things. Get rid of the things that you don’t need. Owning too much stuff causes anxiety. When you get rid of clutter, you get peace of mind.

Make way for good ventilation.

Open your doors and windows. Let the fresh air get inside your house and prevent the development of bad air.

Make a green house.

Indoor plants are good for our health. They reduce certain air pollutants, carbon dioxide and airborne dust levels. They also keep the air temperature of your house down.

Use the sunlight.

Sunlight lightens our mood. It brightens our day and prevents us from developing depression.
A home that is clean is a healthy home. It is a space filled with positive energy. If you want to go have a healthy home and a peaceful mind, contact me Cathi Hargaden. Go to and together we can create a haven for you and your family.

Feng Shui & Change…….

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Another word for Feng Shui is CHANGE!  The process that people just love to have but often scared to enact.  Sometimes Change is forced on us and we have to have a serious mindset shift!  Other times we choose to make that change but 1 thing for sure is our environments will change around us whether we like it or not.

Having just spent a week in Canary Wharf,London there are cranes everywhere!  Men building intricate internal structures painstakingly day by day.  What a craft it is not only to design it but to work as a team and create something from nothing!

Often these structures being built because they are individual developers one has no connection with the other. In the end you end up with a mish mash skyline with no flow for the eye to follow.

There are many hidden wonders along the river Thames and one I discovered is at the Worlds End by Chelsea Embankment.  It is a small garden owned by the council and it acts as a retreat from the world.  There is a small pier that enables you to go out into the River and see the Bridges in all their glory.  It changes the corporate feel of the city to one of Zen zones.

Water running through most major cities in the world are the waterways to affluence.  It is why the Chinese buy apartments only by the water and request only new homes so they don’t have to live with the spirits in other people’s old homes.

Canary Wharf is home to some of the major businesses in the world housing the Financial District; its plentiful supply of water and glitz as above gleams opulence and potential.

When landscapes start to Change people are expected to change with them whether its transport, pedestrian walkways, eating areas and even what food is offered.

Feng Shui is asking us to change our environments in accordance with the seasons or said differently the 5 elements that lie within and outside of us.  We are changing all the time on a cellular, visual level in fact both subtle and obvious.  Feng Shui assists us in the navigation of that Change.

It helps you align with the seasons, the foods, the colours, the systems that the 5 elements are fundamental to our existence.  Want to know more?
 Go to: 

and you will find information on the whole cycle of the 5 Elements

Feng Shui Your Family

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How’s your family relationship doing? When was the last time you were able to talk to them? Friends come and go, but family will always be family.
Millions of families all over the world today are suffering. Divorced parents, drug addiction and the absence of communication are some of the problems in today’s society. Children are often the innocent victims and they are helpless. They grow up feeling unloved, empty and with no direction. Sometimes, the people who are supposed to protect them are the ones abusing them. It is a cycle.
Most young people these days are emotionless. They have their own world which most of the time is virtual. They live in a place where parents are so busy with their own lives to ask them how they feel. The kids go home to a place where there’s no love or little affection and attention. There’s too much fighting and chaos in the home. 
How our house looks like is related to what kind of relationship and environment we have. A house that is cluttered evokes a sad and chaotic feeling. It brings out negative energy affecting everybody.

If you have this kind of relationship and if you’re living in this kind of environment, it’s time for you to wake up. Get rid of all the clutter in your home and all the negativity. Make your house a loving home once again.
Bring in positive energy by doing space cleansing. Go to and get the space clearing kit which you can use to restore the positive energy in your house. Restore peace, harmony, peace and love once again.


Tap for Clearing Your Clutter

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As in acupuncture where needles are inserted along meridien lines to unblock energy lines which create areas of disease it’s the same in the home.  There are points within our house or buildings that are the key points of energy.  If they are full to the brim of clutter, debris then the flow within the building becomes a sick building.

Sick building syndrome creates exhaustion, fatigue and weariness for those who work in it for any length of time.  The materials that the house is made of is pertinent to the energy that it creates for that building whether it be wood, brick, cement aluminium and so on.

Tapping is about helping free your own inner energetic blocks especially around a specific area of your life such as Clearing up the Clutter around you.  It can be used to tap on the meridien points to address any issues around the clutter or if you have parted from somebody how to let go of the space they occupied and make it your own.

This is a tapping episode to tap for you to clear out old energetic debris that is blocking you from moving on in your life.  We all have these moments and this is one of the ways you can unclear energy that is blocked within yourself which is then reflected in the outside world.

Subscribe to my youtube channel here: for more tapping videos on a range of subjects on how to change your environments so you are succeeding the way you want to in life.

For your free ebooks on Feng Shui go to: and find out more about how you can help yourself.

Branding Your Business Using the 5 Elements of Feng Shui

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If its the mind that creates the perception of our world then this is the playground of the marketeers, the advertisers and the wizards!!!

It is our Mind that is played with daily and from the time we are born to the time we die our minds are played – finely tuned like a violin.

This comes back to the ongoing series of brand blogs associated with Feng Shui.

The ancients knew about the Power of what is around us whether it be shapes, materials, designs, words, colours are affecting us sublimely daily – it is the relationship with those perceptions that shape our opinions and even our lives.

What we think we are seeing is made sense of by not only the 5 senses but a faster and more intuitive speedier form of ethereal downloading – intuitive connection.  Sometimes known as a gutteral or deep response and reaction to something and yet we cant explain it.  It almost bypasses our mind and yet we react to that information through our minds and what we think we have perceived.

So, in the case of branding what do you think people are looking at that connects them or allows them to create a relationship with your brand.  It isn’t always what you think it is.  For example, having undertaken many skype calls or watched youtube videos we might be listening to what someone has to say to but we are often looking past them, behind them to collect more information about the brand they are trying to represent.

Below are examples of how we see past the people and start deciphering other meanings besides the one’s that we are meant to pick up so we have another story running in our heads besides the one that is being promoted.

We are looking at the plant behind and striking red and black horizontal lines that impact our impressions of the business. In the 5 elemental Chinese system black is about the water element which is synonymous with wealth.  Red is about passion & dynamism of which there are plenty in this business.  The lines suggest there is focus, direction in this business & the plant is all about growth.

We listen to John Assaraf but we also notice how the colours of the flowers soften him as a male appealing to a feminine audience also.  The colours of orange & yellow represent the element of Earth – so he is earthing his message and creating a sense of peace with the Buddha image in the background.

The King of Selling is T Harv Ecker who on his skype calls has clearly got Words planted all around him to sublimely affect his mindset and focus.

Who said environments have nothing to do with your success?  These are all masters in the Art of Marketing, Sales and Advertising and they know how to take command of their environments in order to ensure their success.  Do You?  If you need any help with your Environment then step over to to find out more on how you can create the best environment for your business, home, workplace for health, wealth, relationships and much much more……..

Feng Shui & Raising the Energy of Your Home

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Everybody experiences their surroundings differently but people for many different reasons find themselves in situations they feel stuck.  One of the reasons why people feel stuck in their life, if they looked around in their home, business, would be staring them in their face.

However, you have to factor in to the fact that we all have blindspots and we dont always see what is right in front of us.  As I have said before our environments become so comfortable that it feels like a pair of old slippers or old wallpaper.

It isn’t until we leave that environment such as going away for a short trip or a holiday abroad we come back to our homes and we look and see this place we live and often we dont recognise it.  We ask do I really live here?  Everything seems so strange – objects, energies, colours, the energy is often stagnant because no one has been there for a couple of weeks so you realise the energy associated with our homes is inextricably linked.

That is why I suggest hang up a crystal, or a curlywee or something that moves and interacts with the light coming into your home via the windows, doors so that there is some resonance and energy whilst you are away.

Have you ever returned to your home after work and – depending on the compass directions – you return home and the house is full of rainbows across the walls?  That is what happened to me – around about 4pm in the home the sun from the west shone into the home with the glass crystal refracting colours of the rainbow it was such an uplift as well as an engaging interaction with the invisible and the elements of nature.

It could also be first thing in the morning when the light shines in from the east – it is an uplifter to find rainbows in the morning flooding into your home and what a great way to start your day with all that colour and dynamism – the only way is up on days like that.

So, why not set up your home for joy, happiness, love and great dynamism.  Go to and in my space clearing box you get a beautiful crystal with handmade beads attached to it so it is individual to yourself. 


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BRANDING  is the buzz word these days but is it such a modern concept?  Not really – we have been branding always from family emblems, to the celtic tribal insignia, the totem poles of the various Native Indian tribes, the patterns of the Maoris on their faces and so on.

Is it all about identity?  And what is an identity beyond ourselves?  or is it an extension of the very values that we wish to represent?

Let us stay with the concept of brand; something that identifies you or your business whether it be a product or a service that attracts people to want to know more and actualise it by purchasing it.

If we look at some of the famous cigarette brands such as silk cut cigarettes – whilst not a smoker I always purchased these packets for my Mother and was always attracted to the purple ribbon effect they presented.

So, to begin with what does colour have to do with it?  Well some of the most famous brands seem to be associated with the colour Red.  We only have to look at Coca Cola, Father Christmas, Ferrari so why does red have that amazing effect?

In the video above I look at some of the much older brands representing landmarks of services such as the British telephone box and the British postal service; these were icons of an age lodged in people’s memories and the postal box is still in use albeit used less and less.

So what is it about this magic colour Red?  In the five elemental system you realised that Red commands attention, it makes for action, on a yang level it can denote danger, on a yin level it can denote love.  Either way internationally it is used in weddings in India and Pakistan and is the Colour of Luck in China.

You might want to consider what colour you would like to use in your business and why?  Blue and green denotes water energy and wood element; yellow and orange denotes earth, whilst greys, whites, glitter and crystal is the energy of the metal element and all of these convey an image, an energy all of their own.

If you would like to learn more about Branding Your Business the Feng Shui Way why not join me in a webinar or find out more. Click here:

Feng Shui Decluttering Your LIfe

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Many people keep close guarded secrets; that is, they have so much stuff hidden, stuffed away into corners, garages, whole rooms.

I once stayed at a house where the first room from the front room accumulated so much stuff it was impossible to open the door.  I witnessed people just throwing in clothes, items, until it congregated into such a mass that they just want to close the door and never look at it again.

Having been over 1000 homes I have experienced people full of guilt, shame, and almost frozen that they cant go forward in their life.  Frozen is the right word because with so much stuff people don’t know what to do with it.

They are unable to move, almost scared in the lights of life so they stay in the same place.  So what is it that can assist you moving from frozen to melting……kindness, self acceptance, love, alignment, step by step approach.

If you need a little help go on over and get your free ebook:

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