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4 Easy Steps To Prepare Your Home For Easter

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Little easter eggs scattered all over the table and inside a white ceramic.
Celebrate Easter With These Feng Shui Steps

Easter is a celebration for most people. For some people, it is the time for picnics, family gathering and Easter egg hunt. But for some people, it is a time for spiritual reflection.


Just like Feng Shui, Easter is a time for rebirth and renewal. The symbols used means a time for new beginnings. Use it correctly and it will help you live a life with happiness and abundance.

Here are 4 easy steps that you should do to have a more memorable Easter celebration:

1. Use pastel colors during the celebration. If Christmas is known for the red color, then Easter is better known for pastel hues. Use pastel colored decorations to make the mood in your home more festive. Pastel colors are also known to be more calming.

2. Host an Easter egg hunt game for the little kids. This kind of activity engages the minds of the little ones and brings the family members closer to each other. Unleash your creative side by painting the eggs with nice and fun colors. Always remember, a happy place is a space filled with good vibrations.

3. Bring nature into your home with the help of white lilies. This beautiful flower represent calm, divine energy, virtue and most of all, purity. For a peaceful home, put it in the Northwest area of your  space and in the Northeast area if you want spiritual growth.

4. Rabbits bring joy to everybody. People find Easter bunnies cute and calming. In the eastern world, they are known to represent fertility, immortality, wealth, happiness and love.

Celebrating Easter need not be expensive. The most important thing is that everybody is happy.   The Easter tips mentioned above will surely bring good memories to each and everyone present in the celebration.

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Make Your Home Smell Good In 7 Easy Feng Shui Steps

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The Power Of Scent And Feng Shui

Smell is vital to anybody’s home. It is a good indicator that the space has good vibrations. A space that has good energy is not only clean and organized but also smells good.

Taking care of our own home is also one way of taking care of our health. When our home smells good, we feel good and energized.

Below are easy Feng Shui steps to make your home smell good:

1. Organization and clutter clearing are vital steps in bringing good vibrations into your home. A disorganized space will never make you feel better no matter how much aroma you use on it.

When cleaning your home, use natural products only. Use natural ingredients such as vinegar, lemon and baking soda.

2. Indoor plants and flowers as well as fresh herbs brings beautiful smell into your place. The popular flowering plants are hyacinth, lemon tree, gardenia or jasmine and oregano, basil or mint for the herbs.

3. Use natural incense to bring good aroma into your space. It is easier and doesn’t take up much of your space.

4. Promote more healing into your home by using natural scented candles. The bedroom and the bathroom are the best places to put the scented candles. Beeswax candles are known to be soothing, purifying and healing.

5. Diffuser’s may be a little bit expensive but they can spread the scent all over the place faster than other tools out there. The aroma that they spread lasts longer.

6. DIY. Make your very own potpourri. How nice would it be if your very own signature scent is wafting all over your home.

7. Add a sweet scent into the air by putting cinnamon and other herbs into a pot and simmer.

The aroma in your home can make a difference when it comes to your health and state of mind. Do the simple steps above and have a better home.

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Benefits Of Bringing Nature Into Your Home

A lotus in th

Fragrance and flowers that are used as space cleansing tools.

6 Easy Steps On How To Bring Nature In Your Space

Nature is life. It is the best healer that was given to us for free. It has been in existence for millions of years long before mankind exist.

Healing with the use of nature has been in practice for thousands of years. It has been in used for thousands of years. One good example of this which is really popular until now is the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

However, these days, modern life seems to rule our lives giving us stress and anxiety. We live and work in a concrete jungle making it impossible for us to be with nature. We are living in a more challenged community and it’s taking away our energy, peace and life.

How do you get rid of stress after a long day of work? Where do you release all the tension in your body?

Feng Shui means wind-water in English. Your home is your refuge, your very own sanctuary. It should give you and your family good vibrations.

Below are simple tips to bring nature in your own home:

1. Decorate your home with fresh flowers. It’s an easy way to bring vibrancy into your place. They are pleasing to the eyes and lifts your mood easily. Choose the colors well. White calla lilies stimulates purification, yellow gerbera daisies aids in your health, blue hydrangeas relaxes the mind and body and purple orchids boost spirituality.

2. Let there be light all over your space. Natural light is better. Open the blinds and windows to let  the sunshine in. If natural light is not abundant in your space, artificial light is okay.

3. Water symbolizes abundance or good money flow. It also brings tranquility and peace. A small water fountain in your house will bring you a sense of ease. The sound of water flowing is music to your ears.

4. Use wood and stone in your space. You can use wood for your flooring and stone works in your countertop. You can use it all over your place like the living room and bathroom.

5. When using art decors, use paintings and artworks that depicts nature. A mural that displays nature such as the beach, forest or waterfalls will do.

6. Use aromatherapy such as essential oils, diffuser or scented candles in your place. You can choose to use  what scent to use or create your very own aroma.

Healing is not only taking in the right food but also bringing in nature to your home to make you feel better.

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Increase Your Productivity With Feng Shui Part 2

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A green and yellow colored workspace.

Feng Shui Tips To Increase Productivity In The Office

Productivity in the workplace measures the efficiency of a person. The success of a company depends on the productivity of all of its employees.

The following tips below will help you increase your productivity in the workplace:

1. Sufficient lighting in the office is good Feng Shui. A darker office can make you feel tired while a well lighted working space wakes us up and sets your biological clock.

According to a study, natural light improves productivity and performance at work. Make sure that natural sunlight can get inside your office. If it’s not possible, keep your space lighted by putting additional light bulb where it is necessary. Choose the one that suits you.

2. Do not put your desk in front of walkways. It is considered the negative energy’s path. The opening and closing of doors distracts you in your work.

3. Your desk should not be placed near the window. The activities outside the office will call for your attention. It can be so distracting.

4. Avoid using a low hanging furniture and having beams in the office. It gives the feeling of being in a cramped space. It makes you feel uncomfortable.

5. Display photos of your loved ones. It will serve as your inspiration. It reminds you to carry on and never give up. It makes the heavy tasks lighter.

6. Choose the right furniture. A big table is not appropriate for a small office. Your chair should also make you feel comfortable since you will be sitting for long periods of time.

7. Keep your office neat and simple. Less is more. Using too much decorations can be irritating to the eyes. It makes the place look too crowded.

Using Feng Shui in the office can help you focus on what is important. It increases your productivity which in turn brings you closer to your goals.  Apply these techniques today and experience change in your office.

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3 Basic Guides On Becoming A Successful Woman


Your Simple Guide On Becoming A Successful Woman

A successful woman is not exempted from any difficulties. She is not free and was not spared from the negative energies around her. However, she was able to overcome everything and eventually learned how to stand on her own.

A successful woman sitting near the window.

We may not know this but Feng Shui is a great tool that you can use if you want to be a successful woman. It gives you support so that you can reach the top. It helps you gain that balance that will help you succeed in life.

Listed below are 3 Feng Shui guides that will help you become a successful woman:

1. Know your purpose and be firm with your decisions. Learning how to close deals is vital both in your work and in growing your relationship. Being able to lay everything will help you get the things that you want.

2. Learn how to know what kind of person you are talking to, the moment you first talk to them. Most people show their true intention on the first meeting. Being able to master this thing will help you save time and effort.

Listen to your inner self. Our inner self tells us if there is something wrong with a person. But oftentimes, we take it for granted. A successful woman knows how to detect danger and avoids it right away.

3. Master the power of connecting yourself to the other person. We can be connected to the people around us in a lot of ways. Study how a person dress, talk, smell or even act and use it to establish a good connection.

Use the three simple guides in your home, life and work or business and you are on your way to becoming a successful woman.

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Increase Your Productivity With Feng Shui Part 1

The colorful workspace of Google.


Increase Your Productivity For A Successful Career

An organized computer and desk helps you increase your productivity.To have a successful career entails you to increase your productivity. You need to work hard and have determination. It’s about having focus in the workplace.

Most people live in too disorganized and not so peaceful home and it tends to affect their work. This in turn hinders them to succeed in their work.

If you’ve been wishing and trying to increase your productivity but to no avail, try the simple tips below.  Gain more focus and eventually become more productive in your work.

1. Position your chair against the wall. Sitting with your back against the wall will make you feel in control. You feel secure, no noise and movement from behind that can destruct you.

2. De-cluttering your space is a vital step for a successful career. The mess around you adds stress which can affect your mood. This leads to lesser concentration.

Keep the things that you don’t get to use every day.

3. Let fresh air come in your work station. Natural and fresh air can boost your energy. Deep breathing makes you awake, enabling you to concentrate on your tasks.

If having fresh air is not possible, try to go for a walk for at least 15 to 20 minutes. This will increase your blood circulation and oxygen intake which helps you improve your creativity by at least 60%.

4. Plants are important in Feng Shui. It can boost your productivity. A small indoor plant on your table will make a difference.

Plants provides oxygen, so take extra care of it. Wilted plants are considered to be bad Feng Shui.

5. Organize your files. Most office tables are cluttered with unnecessary things. Keep the things that you don’t use everyday. Use folders and envelopes and label each of them. This will help you find files right away and it’s the fastest way to increase your productivity.

The same goes for the wires of all your electronic devices. Use cord holder to keep them in one place.

6. The computer is the most neglected thing when it comes to organizing. Most of the time it has a lot of downloaded files on the screen. Putting them in folders with label will make a difference.

7. As much as possible do not put your desk in front of a door or walkway. It is distracting.

8. Hang artworks that gives you inspiration. Quotes that talks about dreams and depicts nature will lower your stress level and help you get through the day.

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Do The Body Detox The Feng Shui Way Today

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Fruits and oats in a plate used to detoxify your body


Body Detox In 10 Easy Steps

Life can sometimes be stressful and one way to get rid of it is by body detox. Most people tend to overwork and live a busy life and ends up thinking that it is just normal. We take in more responsibilities than what we can take. Along with stress comes unhealthy food choices, thus making our mind and body weaker.

Fruits and oats in a plate used for body detox

Loving yourself means taking care of your health. One way of showing love to yourself is to do body detox.

Do the body detox the easy way:

1.  Eat your daily dose of fresh fruits and vegetables most especially the green, leafy and yellow one. They help you remove the excess estrogen’s in your body.

2. Drink a healthy amount of tea every day. Tea’s are known to contain antioxidants. A lot of people have been drinking them since the ancient time.

3. Exercise as much as possible. Movement helps in stimulating your circulatory system. It improves your blood flow which in turn process the toxins in the body. Just be sure to drink plenty of water to keep your body from dehydration.

4. Do not heat food in plastic. Plastic containers are made up of chemicals that causes certain types of cancers.

5. As much as possible buy organic products most especially food. If that is impossible, wash and peel the fruits and vegetables.

6. Avoid drinking alcohol. It can harm you. Drink red wine at least one glass a day.

7. Avoid or minimize the use of fatty foods. Bad cholesterol blocks and form plaques in the arteries.

8. Minimize the use of medical drugs unless you’re suffering from serious illness. Try to go to a nutritionist or a holistic doctor.

9. Always buy drinks in glass instead of cans or plastic. It is healthier and you’re doing Mother Earth a favor.

10. Use natural skin care products.

Do yourself a favor. Do the body detox today and live a quality life.

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