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Feng Shui Tips For Things To Avoid In Your Home

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Piles of paper on the table are not advised to be in your home.


Feng Shui Tips For Things To Avoid In Your Home

Does your home have a free flow of energy?


Feng Shui is about creating a flow of energy in your space. Your home is your shelter. It should be a place where you can recover from stress and anxiety. Your home should make you feel calm and happy. For you to experience these, your place should have a Zen look and feel.

The practice of Feng Shui is connected with mindfulness. It is about taking a pause in our busy lives and living in the moment. It is about experiencing the “now.”

The energies in our home affect our inner and outer world. When our space has a free flow of energy, we feel better in and out.

But how can we have it? How can we create an environment that will help us keep our balance? What are the things that need to be get rid of?

Below are the Feng Shui tips for things to avoid in your home:

1. Avoid putting things near your door. The doors in your home play an important role in Feng Shui. They are called “the mouth of chi.” It is where the energies get’s inside your home. The door represents you. When it can hardly be opened, it means that opportunities cannot come in.

2. Do not keep a dirty window. The windows in your home are “the eyes of chi.” When it is dirty, we can’t see what is happening around us.

3. Don’t hang depressing artworks in your home. This upsets the harmony in your space. Choose uplifting or inspirational works of art instead.

4. Piles of papers and magazines are considered as clutter. Get rid of them or recycle them.

5. Dead flowers or plants are stagnant energy. Take care of your indoor plants and use fresh flowers for they are live energy. They bring vibrancy to your home. If you use plastic flowers, make sure they are dusted regularly.

6. Broken things are bad Feng Shui. If you can’t fix it then throw it away. They bring negative energy into your life.

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Feng Shui And The Clutter In Your Space – Feng Shui Mastery Show

Understanding Clutter And Getting Rid Of It

Are you surrounded by clutter? Is it affecting you inside and out? Do you ask yourself “why does our house look this way?

Clutter is like an addiction. You wanted to end it but you don’t know how. You want to get rid of it but it just keeps on coming back.

Clutter is an emotional thing. Most people start to accumulate things when they are sad, feel sick or go through some difficult time.

It gets to us when we are too busy to notice it. When we are too happy or we want to feel good. Everything boils down to having low self-esteem.

Poor self esteem has many symptoms. The clutter in the mind results in physical clutter. Most of it is caused by poor thinking, pressure or doubt in oneself. We feel inferior and unworthy. When you have these in your mind, you pour your energy into acquiring material things.

Below are the reasons why most people are living with clutter:

1. The world has been teaching us that our worth is based on how much our possession is. The more we acquire, the higher our worth become.

2. When we are at our lowest moment, we feel incapable. We don’t have a sense of worth. We feel unloved and that’s where hoarding comes in. The material things replace the emptiness in our hearts.

Social media, billboards and television advertisements instill in our minds that spending and shopping can fill the gap in our lives.

We get so used to what we have and the life that we live that the word change makes us feel uneasy. The world of the unknown can make us feel uncomfortable.

The reasons above are what stops us from living the life we deserve.

Feng Shui is an ancient Philosophy that can help you deal with clutter. It helps you deal not only on the outside but more importantly on the inside.

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6 Easy Ways To Live In The Present With Feng Shui

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Simple Feng Shui Tips To Live In  The Present

Do you like to know how to live in the present? We are so busy with our responsibilities with work and family that we forget what it’s like to live in the present.  Life is meant to be lived now. Not tomorrow, not later but now.

Living in the now gives us the power of tremendous joy. It opens our mind and let the energy flow freely.

Want to start right away but don’t know how?

Below are Feng Shui tips on how to live in the present:

1. Reorganize the things around you. Move the little things in your home. Big or small, the size doesn’t matter. Why not start with your little decorations. Rearranging your things will give your space a new look.

2. You got to feel your space if you want to live in the present. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot around your home. Feel your place. Is it comfortable to walk around? If not then perhaps you can try putting rugs or carpet on the floor to make it softer.

3. Moving on is necessary if you want to live in the present. Remove the things that remind you of bad memories. Check your email, social media accounts and even your phone. Get rid of all negativity in your life.

4. Play a beautiful music. A good music is like food to the soul. It is music to the ears. It has healing qualities.

5. Breathe some fresh air. Take a short walk in your neighborhood, in the park or in the forest  and appreciate the  beauty of your surroundings. You can also open the windows and let the fresh air inside your space. Experiencing nature is the easiest way to live in the present.

6. Experience the power of essential oil. Aromatherapy always makes you feel more relaxed. You can use it at home, in the office or inside your car.

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The Room Size And Energy In Your Home And Feng Shui

A cluttered small and cramped room in Hong Kong.


The Energy In Your Room And Feng Shui

Are you living in a cramped room? Repeated mantras that there is “no more space” to develop other communities in the world especially in relation to the U.K. with a population approaching 70 million. Increasingly, more and more people are being shunted into smaller rooms. That could be because people are having smaller families. But that is not true for everyone.

The multicultural landscape hosts a variety of different kinds of families whether it is extended or beyond the nuclear into extended demand for homes.

It wasn’t until I started working all over the U.K that I realised there was plenty of space, but it was in the hands of the few. Out in the countryside, there are reams of land where most people in the inner city have never been.

In fact both in personal and professional experiences I had realised that there are zones throughout the U.K. where people dare not go beyond their zone. They stay within their own cultural-geographical area and if they dare to enter other environments, there is a behavior that resists something that is different, resistant to the norm or just threatening – not because it is violent but because it threatens the values and mores of people from the outside.

Amidst some of the major conurbations of the world, we see people forced in like cattle into tiny rooms of living whilst on the outside of the city, huge tracts of land for a very small population. People living in the countryside have better and bigger rooms.

Below we see homes in Hong Kong. People living one room the size of some people’s bathrooms.


The same situation in the U.K. – same situation in the major metropolises across the world. The people who own the land vast drafts of it have lots of space.

Feng Shui was a secretive form of controlling the landscape ultimately for power, success and wealth. Whether people are aware of it or not, land, property, common spaces are used to gerrymander all populations into thinking and acting a certain way.

Feng Shui is about capturing the energies in and around you to support you and capitalise on the best of where you live. Your room space can be your tool in your journey to success. The more control you take of the little space you have control over, the better for your own wellbeing.

Learn how to be in control of your own home. Bring the good chi in your room space.

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5 Tips On How To Switch On Your Inner Feng Shui

Life-Balance With Your Inner Feng Shui

How’s your inner Feng Shui? Inner Feng Shui is about having balance in life. It is about being happy, healthy, successful in your chosen field and being able to establish a good relationship with the people around you.


Having a good inner Feng Shui is being able to listen what is on the inside. It is about being able to   figure out the problems on the inside and make it right.

Here are the 5 tips to switch on your inner Feng Shui:

1. Train your mind to think big. Be goal oriented, preferably goals that will challenge you. Big goals may be a little bit hard to achieve but it will definitely bring you more energy. It will motivate you to work harder.

Wake up and go to bed with your dream in mind. Talk about it and if possible dream about it. Work hard for it and reap your harvest after.

2. Conquer your fear. Nobody is exempted from failing. Successful people have experienced failing a hundred or thousand times. Regret is a very expensive thing. Be brave enough to face your fears. You’ll never know what awaits you at the finish line.

3. Let go of all the negativity. Program your mind to entertain only positive things. Do the self affirmation activity daily. Surround yourself with positive people everyday. Receive and give compliments sincerely.

4. Know your purpose in life and live a life with purpose. Life is not all about you. Have dreams and goals that will not only serve you but also other people. A life well lived means being able to affect the people around you.

The main point is, you help your self, help your family and then you help your community.

5. Be creative. Live a life of fun and adventure. Laugh a lot. A good inner Feng Shui is about having life balance. Using your creative side will energize your mind. It’s healthy not only on the outside, but more importantly on the inside.

A good inner Feng Shui is bringing balance the 5 elements in your life. It is trying to understand that each areas in your life is different. Living in balance brings a good flow of energy contributing to a happy and healthy life.

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Create A Good Feng Shui Office In 4 Easy Steps

Clean table, plant and good lighting are components of a good Feng Shui office.

4 Tips For A Good Feng Shui Office

Do you know that having a good Feng Shui office is essential for a successful career? Feng Shui is an ancient practice that teaches us how to create harmony and balance by using the energies in our space.

The placement of things in our workplace can either distract us or help us reach our goals. A good Feng Shui office brings clarity, lessens stress and create good relationships in the workplace. It enhances our creativity, productivity and focus. It also allows us to get rid of all the negative energies.

Using the five elements when designing your workspace enables us to have a good Feng Shui office. A good example would be using a metallic door, indoor plants, a nice aquarium with Feng Shui fishes on it and wooden objects.

Design a good Feng Shui office with the simple tips below:

1 Remove all the unnecessary things away from the office. Files should be segregated and organized. Broken or non functioning things such as calculators and clocks should be either fixed or thrown away.

Part of decluttering is to remove the dust on the shelves and the floor and throw away the garbage every after office hours. Clutter badly affects us in and out while being in an organized space calms and relaxes us.

2. Be careful with the position of your table and your things. Inspiring pictures, paintings and objects that motivates you to do better. It gives you a light and happy feeling. Display photos of the people you love and objects that will make you remember your goals.

Remember that your desk should not be in line with the door. Put it in a location where you can see who enters the office. Don’t put the table too close to the window as this will distract you from doing your work.

3. Don’t forget to bring live energy by adding indoor plants in your workspace. The fresh air that they give is good for our health. Aside from giving us good health, some plants are considered to bring good luck. Such is the case of the bamboo.

4. Paint your office with relaxing colors such as yellow, beige and other light colors. If you want to use some black, make sure that it’s minimal.

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5 Easy Feng Shui Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home

Spring picture reminding a time for spring cleaning.
Spring Cleaning Tips For You

Are you planning a spring cleaning activity? Spring is the season of rebirth. It’s the time for renewal. It’s a good reason to make your heart’s desires come true. In order to make your dreams come true, you need to clear the energies in your space.


In Feng Shui, the things around you can affect your energy. But with just a few simple tips, you can bring back the energy and life that you used to have this spring.

If you had less energy and too lazy for the past few months, then now is the time to wake up from hibernation because it’s time for you to do the spring cleaning.

Try these easy spring cleaning steps below and bring live energy in your space.

1. Declutter your space. It’s time to throw or give the things that are broken, expired or you don’t want to use.

If you wish to improve your health, clean your kitchen. Get rid of leftovers and stale food in your refrigerator. Scrub your stove and wash your pots and pans. Clean all the surfaces and drawers. Get rid of all the broken or cracked things in your cooking area such as mugs and plates.

2. Throw away or give away old newspapers, magazines, broken clocks, watches and if you have kids, you can give away some of their unused toys.

3. Most of us own a lot of clothes and a number of them end up in our closet still with labels. One way of attracting good relationship is clearing your closet. There should be enough space for your partner. This gives a better flow of energy into your personal space.

4. Take care of your bathroom. Free your space from make ups and personal things that you haven’t used for 6 months and more. Scrub the floors, toilet bowl and lavatory. A dirty and clogged toilet is stuck energy. Add live energy into the space with live plants.

5. Clean your bedroom thoroughly. Change the sheets and remove the things that don’t belong in your personal space. Gadgets should be outside of the bedroom as they can disrupt your sleep and lessen your time with your partner.

Spring cleaning is not complete without live plants, light colored decorations and fresh flowers. A few pots inside your home, light colored decorations such as curtains and pillowcases and fresh flowers will change the vibration in your home.

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