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Space Clearing Session For Your Business

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Space Clearing To Attract Wealth Energy

Space clearing has been in existence for thousands of years. It’s an ancient practice that is designed to give you a better environment.

In feng shui, when our space is filled with negative energy, our finances are affected. So we need to revitalize our space through space clearing.

How many times do we need to do space clearing in our business? Aside from doing space clearing during the important moon phases, like New Moon and Full Moon, you also need to do space clearing after every bad event such as heavy fighting or argument.

Tensions among employees often happen. It’s one thing that cannot be avoided. A good indicator of when do you need to do the space clearing in your business is whenever people have this feeling of being unsettled.

Whenever you are setting a new goal or want to bring in more money. Bringing in good energy is of utmost importance.

So, when and how do you do the space clearing in your business?

1. Evaluate the energy in your place. Is the energy too stagnant? Where did it come from?

2. What exactly do you want to get? What kind of energy do you need? It is important to let your goals or intentions be known. Do the affirmations like ” I bless this space and everybody working here, that all may grow and feel the energy of prosperity and abundance.”

3. Be emotionally, mentally and physically fit to do the space clearing. How you feel on the inside will reflect in your space. Make sure you have the vibrant energy. Your feelings should align with your intentions.

4.  Let your presence be known. Whether you say it out loud or only in your mind, your space should know that you are there.

5. Break down and release all the stagnant energy. There are different space clearing techniques out there. Choose what makes you comfortable. Some of the most common space cleansing techniques include smudging, using sound instruments and house blessing done by a religious leader.


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4 Things To Check If You Have A Good Feng Shui Home Office

An organized home office.


How do you feel when you’re in your home office? Do you feel motivated or do you get easily irritated? Is it conducive to learning or developing new ideas?


If your answers are more on the negative side, then it’s time for you to take action. It’s time for you to have a good feng shui home office.

A good feng shui home office is vital to being productive in the workplace.

A cluttered home office is filled with negative vibrations. It drains your energy and affects your productivity. It makes you easily irritated which can lead to arguments with the people around you.

Below are the things to know if you have a good feng shui home office:

1. Is your office space free from clutter? Is it neat and organized? Clutter creates stress. We tend to get overwhelmed by our work when there are tons of paper scattered on our desk.

Get organized. Put all the documents in folders. It’s much easier if you use colour coding and label each of them.

2. Do you inhale stale air in your home office? We stay in our office most of the time during the day. Sometimes, the smell of old garbage or cigarette smoke stays in the air for quite some time.

Open your window first thing in the morning. Let the smell of fresh air come into your space. If it’s not possible, use indoor plants. Plants absorb the toxins and releases oxygen in our space. Try to choose plants that are low maintenance such as snake plant, lucky bamboo or spider plant.

3. Where is your desk located? In feng shui, your desk should be in the command position. It should be positioned with the wall or cabinet behind you. This makes you feel relaxed and confident.

Your desk should be put in such a way that you can see who’s coming in but it should not be put directly straight to the door.

4. Is your space well-lit? Dark spaces make your work a little bit harder since you tend to put more effort into finding new things.

Replace old or non-working bulbs. If it’s possible, let natural sunlight get into your space.

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4 Things To Learn If There’s Good Feng Shui In Your Home

Indoor plants are essential in creating a good feng shui home.


A good feng shui home brings calm, peace and happiness. It gives us a very light feeling that makes our day relaxing and our tasks lighter.

With the stress that we experience every day due to our busy lifestyle, we often go home to a place that makes us feel worst.

It seems like owning and going home to a good feng shui home is close to impossible. Clutter, dust and broken things are present all over the place. These things bring bad feng shui in our space.


If we really want to live in a good feng shui home, we have to ask ourselves with these questions. How do you feel about your home? Is there peace in your house?

Below are the things that will help you discover if you have a good feng shui home:

1. Do you keep a strong door and a clean entryway? Your door is the first thing that you go through when you enter your house. Can you open it wide? Is it well lighted at night? Check the area at the back of the door. Make sure that it’s free from clutter so it can be wide open. It should also be well-lited. This way, your place will look welcoming.

2. Do you own a clean and healthy kitchen? In a good feng shui home, your kitchen is your health and wealth area. Check the cabinets, fridge, and pantry. Leftovers and expired products should be thrown away. Organization and sanitation should be your priority. Live plants in the kitchen is an added bonus.

3. Do you pay attention to your private space? Your bedroom is your own personal space. Paint it with colours that can ignite the love and passion in your relationship. There’s no better way of showing how you love yourself than to bring more love, and happiness into your bedroom.

4. Is your toilet clean? Bathrooms have a bad reputation in feng shui. It’s one of the most neglected parts of our house. Maintaining its cleanliness is a must if you want to have a good feng shui home.

5. Do you bring a piece of nature in your home? A good feng shui home is a space that has a good flow of energy. We must put in mind that everything in our home affects us, from the things we that see down to the air we breathe. Make every decoration in your home inspiring and the air that you inhale, refreshing. Use the things around you to bring out the live energy that was once there.

Creating a good feng shui home means all parts of your home are well taken care of. From the front to the back of your house. Your relationship, health and wealth corner should be checked always and if there’s something that needs your attention, then spend time fixing it.

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Tapping Your Way To A Healthier Mind And Body

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Learn How To Do The Tapping

Tapping is one of the many ways that you can heal your mind and body. It is known as the emotional version of acupuncture except that it doesn’t use any form of a needle. It is about energy.

Tapping is about emotional energy. It releases the blockages in your body and let the energy flow freely. It frees your mind, body and spirit.

Tapping was developed by a Stanford Engineering graduate, Gary Craig. Its concept is a combination of acupressure and Modern Psychology to alter your brain and energy system.

It is gaining popularity in the West. In fact, there’s a growing number of medical practitioners that are practising tapping as a form of healing.

Tapping is easy to learn. It’s a DIY thing. All you need to have is to set aside a little time to learn it.

The first thing to do is to make a script. Choose one concern that you would like to get rid of. Write down the problem that is bothering you and at the end add a self-affirmation and the result that you want to have. Remember to put your focus into words and then you are ready to go.

Use two to three fingers to tap on each of the meridian points. Do the tapping while saying your script.

Below are the following meridian points where you can do the tapping:

Point 1: The side of the hand.

Point 2: The inner eyebrow point.

Point 3: The outside of the eye but not touching the eye.

Point 4: Under the eye.

Point 5: The area between your nose and your upper lid.

Point 6: The area between your lower lip and your chin.

Point 7: Your collarbone point.

Point 8: About 3 inches under the armpit.

Point 9: Top of the head.

Start the tapping from number 1. It should be in order.

An example of a good tapping transcript is:

Eyebrow: I release the bad energy inside of me.

Side of the eye: I will do the things that I can do now.

Under the eye: I let go of all the pressure, stress and anxiety.

Under the nose: I know that I am capable of doing my responsibilities.

Chin: I am letting go of everything that is causing me trouble.

Collarbone: I welcome the positive things in my life.

Under the arm: I choose to relax and let go of all my worries.

Top of the head: I am calm and at peace with everything. I am free and in control.

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EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Quote About EFT
What Is EFT?

EFT (Emotional Healing Technique) or better known as tapping is a holistic technique. It has been proven to help get rid of emotional disorders, addiction, stress, and anxiety among others.


Feng Shui is about shifting the energy within and around us and EFT is about releasing and creating a good flow of energy within us. It helps us remain calm and restore our body’s balance.

EFT is a psychological acupressure technique that deals with more of our inner health. It is thought of as a combined Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. It uses the fingertips to tap the specific meridian endpoints of the body while focusing on our negative emotions.

Our body has an energy system that travels through the meridians. Just like acupuncture,  EFT promotes healing our body by tapping these meridians. These help to stimulate this system and eventually remove the blockages in our body enabling the energy to flow naturally.

In EFT, we focus on our negative emotions. We may be experiencing a terrible problem or have some unresolved issues that cause our emotional or physical pain. When doing the tapping, we use our fingertips to tap each of the 9 meridian points of our body for up to 5 to 7 times. It is a powerful yet painless way of healing our body.

How do you use tapping or EFT in your life?

We are living a fast-paced life. Stress and anxiety are already a given these days. These lead to poor health and emotional baggage. Living in this kind of life makes us feel stuck and empty. It stops us from having a life filled with calm, peace and happiness.

If you are one of those people who feel like being in a trap, depressed or sick and you want to have a change of life, try doing the EFT. It’s easy to do and is proven to help people feel better not only on the outside but most especially on the inside.

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Lucky Bamboo For Good Feng Shui In Your Home

lucky bamboo plant in pot
Get To Know The Lucky Bamboo And The Energy It Brings

The lucky bamboo is a common fixture in our homes. Whether it be at home or the office, the lucky bamboo is considered as one of the most common Feng Shui cures. It is cheap and easy to maintain.


However, even though it is easy to take care, most people still tend to neglect it. I’ve seen countless lucky bamboo plants struggling to survive in different homes. A dying or wilted bamboo plant brings bad energy and it is bad Feng Shui.

The lucky bamboo plant is hollow from the inside. It is said that this kind of hollowness teaches us the ultimate wisdom and that is to be open on the inside and let the energy flow freely. For only when there is a free flow of energy can healing begin.

Some people ask if the lucky bamboo is related to the 5 elements in Feng Shui. The obvious answer would be an absolute yes. Here’s the reason why:

1. The lucky bamboo represents the wood element.

2. The water that you pour on the plant to nourish it represents the water element.

3. The metal coin that you put on it or the glass pot represents the metal element.

4. The red ribbon that you tie on the plant represents the fire element.

5. Rocks, stones and clay that are being used represent the earth element.

If you own a bamboo or you’re planning to own one and use it to bring good energy into your home, bare in mind that there are vital areas that you can place the bamboo. The best place to put your plant is in your money area which is the South-East and your family bagua area which is the East area of your home.

The number of stalks in your plant represents different things.

Two stalks are for love and marriage.

Three stalks are for happiness.

Five stalks are for good health.

Eight stalks are for wealth and prosperity.

Nine stalks are for good fortune.

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The Singing Bowl And The Energy In Your Home

Tibetan Singing Bowl
The Perfect Time To Use Your Singing Bowls

You have heard this thing called singing bowl but you have no idea how powerful it is. Most people take it for granted. They end up as decorations in homes, gathering dust, not being used for their real purpose.


The real purpose of singing bowls is to cleanse our space. The sound of the singing bowl brings a powerful energy into our space. It promotes healing in our place.

We are affected by the vibrations in our home, business or office. Stagnant energy causes diseases, conflict in relationships and unproductivity while a free flow of energy helps you create balance. It makes you feel good, keep you calm and happy. These good qualities create a good relationship and a healthy working environment.

Using a singing bowl to create a good vibration in your space is an ancient technique. It is a time-tested Feng Shui cure.

When do you use the singing bowl?

Below are the best times to use your singing bowl:

1. Use the singing bowl to lift the energy in your home. Use it during your space clearing sessions. It is best to use it when there’s an argument or a member of your household is suffering from a serious disease.

2. You can also use the singing bowls when money is scarce or there’s a slow down in your business. The best time to use the singing bowl is in the morning wherein everything is still calm and quiet.

3. Singing bowls are good at lifting the energy of the stagnant and dark areas in your home.

4. Use the healing power of your singing bowl before and after spring cleaning.

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Your Door Of Opportunites And Feng Shui

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A brown door
10 Simple Tips For Your Door

What does your door look like? Does it send the right message out there?


Feng Shui is an ancient Philosophy that has been around for more than 3,000 years. It teaches us that wherever we go, we are surrounded by energy and these energies can affect the way we live. It affects our health, wealth and even relationships. It creates an impact on your mood and attitude on

In Feng Shui, the door is called the “mouth of chi.” It is where your house gets its good or bad energy.

Below are the tips to open the mouth of chi in your home:

1 Is the size of your front door in proportion to your house? The size of your front door matters. A small entryway can cause problems in your finances.

2. Put a welcome mat on your doorstep. Nice words written on it sends a good message outside.

3. Make sure that the door is in good condition. You should be able to open it.

4. Ensure that the doorknob and the doorbell are working.

5. If it is possible, learn what colour is best for your front door.

6. It has to be clean and free from clutter.

7. If your door has glass on it, see to it that it is clean and you can see the outside clearly from the inside.

8. Your door should be well-lighted most especially during night time.

9. Make sure that your door is high enough to let the tallest member of your family come in without any difficulty.

10. Your door should open inward. It lets your visitor easily enter the house. It would really take time for people to enter your house if you open it outwards since they have to step back a little when you open it.

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The Black Colour And Feng Shui – Feng Shui Mastery Show

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Black picture frames on the white wall.


Most people find black as their all-time favourite colour.  In our society, black signifies modernity, sophistication and above all, power. It makes you feel and think that you are in control. The colour is connected with different emotions such as hatred and grief. It also symbolizes luxury.



In Feng Shui, the black colour is an energy that is related to the energy of mystery. It represents power. It belongs to the water element. It is the colour of the feminine principle that is the yin. It is known as the passive energy.

It is best to use the colour when you wish to gain or nurture things in your life. It gives you a sense of connection with everything that surrounds you. It sends a message of having the will to move forward.

However, too much of anything is not good. Feng Shui is about balance. Use the black colour along with the light colours to create balance in your space. It is best to combine it with colours yellow, whites and pastels.

Are you still wondering how to use the colour in your home?

Below are tips on how to use black in your space:

1. Black is a good choice if your door is facing the north. It will strengthen the energy of your home. It brings elegance and calmness. However, try to avoid using this colour if your door is facing South or West.

2. The colour black can bring vibrancy to your all-white kitchen. A black stove, floor tiles or even black chairs.

3. Black accessories can also be used in your home. A black vase, candle holder, jar or picture frames can be used to introduce the black colour in your space.

4. Black walls are okay if your home office is in the North section of your home. This colour belongs to the water element and water symbolizes wealth.

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