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Feng Shui And The Art  Of Silence

When was the last time you had a moment of silence? Can you still remember the feeling?
Were you at peace, happy or calm?

Meditation is a technique for resting the mind and attaining a state of consciousness that is different than the normal working state. It involves the focus on breathing and bodily sensations or mantra.

In feng shui, your home is a place of rest. It’s your sanctuary. One good way of making this possible is turning your space or creating a space in your home into a meditation place.

Feng Shui & The Power Of Sound Vibrations

Create a meditation space for the whole family by following these few simple steps.

1. Keep your whole space clutter-free. Clutter is considered a bad energy and it stagnates us.

2. Do some space cleansing on your space. It is essential that you get rid of any bad energy that lives in your space.

3. Find a part of your home where you find peace and quiet. Make a nice seating area in that same space where you can sit to meditate, pray or read.

Inside Out Feng Shui

4. Put items that will symbolize and give you a sense of peace. If you are religious or you practice a religion, you can put figurines or a Bible. You can also put paintings that reflect what you believe in.

5. Control the lighting in your meditation space. Put curtains and use softer lights.

6. Use scented candles or essential oils in your space. It calms your mind and body.

7. Put some indoor plants in your space. Plants purify the air. They are considered as good energy.

8. A small indoor fountain can also be added. Water symbolizes life.

If possible, you can play music. Sounds of nature, violin or anything that is nice and pleasant to the ears.

Mr Selfridges original Silent Room at Selfridges

7 Steps To Space Cleansing

People who own a peaceful home are people living in peace. When you are at peace, you pass that to the people around you.

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