Apply Good Feng Shui Tips To Bring Luck To Your Wedding

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Feng Shui Wedding Tips For A Happier Relationship

A wedding is an important milestone in one’s life. It involves a lot of things and a long time to make it a success.

A woman wearing a white wedding dress.

Weddings are special occasion. Hence, we always spend a lot of our time and money to make it as unique as possible. But that alone will not make things turn out right.

Here are Feng Shui tips for a successful wedding:

1. Check the numbers. Deciding on a wedding date is the first thing to do. Numbers 8 and 9 are considered lucky numbers. The number 8 means love and number 9 represents eternity.

Two numbers that sums up to 8 or 9 are also lucky numbers. One good example is number 17. Add the 2 numbers and you get 8. The same thing goes for numbers 26 and 27.

2. Consider the color of your wedding dress. The Chinese people use the color white for mourning. Choose instead the colors beige, ivory or gold. If you really would like to use white on your wedding day, add a touch of pink or beige.

For  your color motif, using red means love and romance, black and white means a balance in relationship, blue and green means calm feeling, yellow is cheerfulness and orange means warm.  Purple and violet colors, shows passion and the color pink is lightheartedness.

3. Bring good energy on your reception by using good lighting. Light is good energy and a well lighted reception means a brighter future ahead of you.

Natural light is good but if it’s not abundant in your reception area, use candles and mirrors. It lightens up your space and makes the area look bigger. You can also use chandeliers and crystals for additional luck.

4.  Decorating the place in pairs is vital. Bring in a pair of vases and candles to bring more love into your relationship.

5. A garden or an outdoor wedding is a good example of a good Feng Shui wedding. If it’s impossible, then try to find a place where there is a good view of nature.

6. Feng Shui is also about creating a space that will enable the good energies to flow freely. Avoid using pointed objects most especially the square or rectangular shaped tables. Choose round or oval tables instead.

7. For the good old phrase “something old, something borrowed, something blue,” be sure to ask it from people who are happily married.

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