Apply Good Feng Shui To Your Business Right Now To Attract Customers

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Attract Customers With These Feng Shui Tips For Your Business 

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Applying good feng shui in your business right now is the best way to attract customers. When you get to use the right things in your business, you get to attract more customers. The increase in customers means an increase in sales.

Studies have shown that people go shopping because they feel good about it. They may be suffering deep inside and going to a store and makes them feel at ease and happy.

However, with a lot of shops opening everywhere these days, competition is getting tougher. You must create the right environment in your business that will make your customer stay.

Here are the feng shui tips for your business for you to be able to attract potential customers:

1. Space cleansing is a must in every space. It shakes up and get rid of any stuck energy in our space. This all in one space cleansing kit is the best tool to get rid of any bad energies in your space.

2. Check the business name. Is it easy to remember? Does it sound interesting? A complicated business name is considered bad feng shui. Make sure that the name catches the attention of the customers.

3. Spend time scrutinizing the entrance of your store. Make sure that the windows and the doors are clean. The signage should be clean and well lit.

4. Does your store give the customers a warm feeling? If you are the customer, do you want to stay longer inside the store? A crowded or cluttered store will bring uneasiness to your shopper. Good chi makes your prospective customer stay longer.

5. Create a friendly environment for your customer. Train your staff to be well-mannered and friendly. You can also play nice music for a more relaxing atmosphere.

6. Lights bring good chi to your business. Make sure that the place is well-lighted. A dark place can have bad energy.

7. Business means money and a good business brings in money. Just like in an office, your cash register should be in a commanding position. This only means that it should be put in a place where you could see the entrance but not necessarily aligned with the door. A strong solid backing is also advised.

8. Pay attention to the air quality of your store. Does it smell good and fresh? Put fresh flowers or live plants in your space. You can also use aromatherapy for a better air quality on your store.

9. Play with colours. Orange is a happy colour, yellow and red grabs the customer’s attention, blue and green have a more calming effect and warm colours such as brown and orange are often inviting.

These tips are the things that you should do in your establishment. They are basic tips but they play an important role in attracting customers to your business.

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