Bring Feng Shui Into Your Relationship

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Grow And Strengthen Your Relationship Through Feng Shui

A relationship is the fruit of love and we as humans tend to grow fast through it. Our relationships bring us joy, challenges us and lets us experience heaven and earth.

However, these days, we tend to experience more of chaos. This makes us wonder.  Does relationship have to be a roller coaster ride? Is it possible to have a happy and peaceful relationship?

Feng shui may not be a know all, cure all philosophy, but it is a great tool to attract and improve your relationship.

Here are tips for a stronger and better relationship:

Maintain a well-organized room. Clutter brings in ad energy and adds up stress to your relationship.

Paint your bedroom with feng shui love color such as red, pink, white and skin tone colors.

Put identical furniture on each side of the bed. This will mean equality in your relationship.

Get rid of mirrors inside the bedroom. It brings in the energy of another party.

Separate love and any form of work. Remove any gadgets and television in your room.

Put nice photos of you and your partner. This will help you reminisce the good times.

Always use fresh and clean bedding. This will encourage you both to stay long and cuddle in bed.

If you wish to improve your relationship and any aspect of your life, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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