Bring In Good Feng Shui In Your Home Through Pets

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The Good And Bad Feng Shui Of Pets

Do you keep a pet in your home? What kind of pet do you have?

Every space has its own energy. Our house, offices and even cars have good or bad energy.  These energies affect our mood, relationship, and even finances.

Most of us are living with pets. Most of the time, they are considered part of the family. They serve as our companion and friend.

In feng shui, pets are known to generate good chi. Because of their constant movements, they tend to spread that good energy wherever they go.

However, pets also absorb the negative energies that we spread or leave in a place. This will cause them loneliness. When pets are lonely, they refuse to go around your home or lessen the flow of good chi which brings bad feng shui.

Here are tips on good feng shui for pets:

Nourish your pet every day so they will have the energy to move around. This will create a continuous flow of good energy.

Do not lock your pets in a cage. This will lessen their movement.

Give your pets a place of its own. Sleeping with pets can affect your personal relationships.

Always clean your space. Get rid of their waste and make sure that your place is odorless.

Don’t let pets overwhelm your life. Avoid displaying too many photos of your pets.

Be mindful of the feng shui elements of your pets. Cats belong to the wood element and dogs belong to the earth element.

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