Chinese Acupuncture and Feng Shui – 3

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Chinese Acupuncture follows similar principles to Feng Shui

Chinese Acupuncture follows similar principles to Feng Shui

Chinese Acupuncture is an eastern intervention designed to reduce the blockages that are impeding the flow of energy around the body.

How many of us know we are not performing to our optimum – it often feels like stagnancy in energy, or fatigure or inertia.

Chinese Acupuncturists utilise very fine needles in specific areas of the body to release the blockages.

When clients experience Chinese Acupuncture they often express a new lease of life, greater energy and improved vibrancy.

What about using a similar form of Chinese Acupuncture on your home – known as Feng Shui.  Have you ever entered your home after being out all day, or been away on holiday and returned to a home that feels stagnant and low in energy?   Chinese Acupuncture parallels Feng Shui for the home – taking out the clutter, clearing the space is partly similar to improving the flow of your environment making you feel lighter and more at ease in your own home, workplace or commercial building.

A Chinese Acupuncturist in this interview discusses how the five elements are found in most of the Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches.  The five elements are symbols used in Feng Shui to explain how to attract a balance into your home.  The amazing benefit to this system of Chinese Acupuncturist and Feng Shui is also an appreciation of understanding your nutrition, general health and attracting a balance in your environment.

So, now we are in the season of Spring, this is one of the best times of the year to implement what we could call Chinese Acupuncture for the home – Feng Shui.  If you would like to feel lighter, less burdened, more calm and return to your home as an oasis then start acupuncturing your space by clearing the clutter which is visible to the eye and clear the space which is more non visible but can be felt.

2 thoughts on “Chinese Acupuncture and Feng Shui – 3

  1. by George

    It is truly fascinating & is surprising that there are’nt many practitioners that practise both.If they did they would be quite exclusive.Their results would also be phenomenal. I suppose it takes many years of hard work to achieve this combination therapy.

    1. by Cathi Hargaden Post author

      Well it takes many years of study for both of these approaches; but what you do get is appreciation of similar ideas but being used in different places; the body and the environment. The question is does one reflect the other? mentally, emotionally and physically.

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