Create A Healthy Money Flow With Feng Shui

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Money Flow And Feng Shui

Money flow is connected with energy. It can either energize us or it can drain us. The word currency, just like water, is something that we want to flow in our lives.

Stack of gold coins on the right side of a clock that symbolizes good money flow.

In feng shui, our money flow is heavily affected by the things around us. The vibrations around us is affecting our very own vibrations.
Money flows easily when the energy around us is also flowing freely. This also goes the same with our health and relationships.

Below are the following feng shui tips that will let you have a healthy money flow:

1. Take care of the mouth of chi in your home. The entrance of your house plays an important role in feng shui. Opportunities equals to money. Make sure that your door is free from any clutter, the house number can be read and the doorbell is working.

2. Beware of any leak in your home. Water symbolizes money and leaking water means money going out of your pocket. It will really affect your money flow. Fix it immediately before it gets big.

3. Get rid of broken things in your space. If it doesn’t have any value and it is beyond repair and flawed, then it’s time to let it go. Cracked plates and cups should be out of your home.

4. Always close the bathroom door and the toilet lid. They flush your money down the drain.

5. Your cooking station symbolizes abundance. Make sure that everything is in perfect condition.

6. Use feng shui symbols to boost the money flow in your family. Images such as running horses, flowing water or nature are good representations of money flowing freely. It is also better to hang a crystal in your window to keep the energy alive in your home.

7. Spend time to examine yourself. What are your personal beliefs when you’re dealing with your finances? Associating wealth, money and finances with fear and anxiety will never help you. Keep the energy high by relating money with wealth, good health, happiness and abundance.

Always remember that a healthy money flow is only possible when the energy within and around us is moving freely.

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