Create Wealth With Feng Shui

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The Relationship Of Money And Feng Shui

They say money is the root of all evil. I say money is good if you know how to use it in a right way.

We go to work every day in order to have money. Our everyday life revolves around getting the things that we want and living a good life.

However, in this day and age wherein we are surrounded with things, we are often left wondering at the end of the day. How come that we are always short of money? Why are there people which own tons of money and people who are poor? Why is it that other people don’t get to have enough wealth, even when they work so hard for it?

In feng shui, wealth is energy. You can attract it and work for it. Creating wealth is not possible when our minds are too crowded. Thinking about a lot of small things takes away our focus on the big things.

When our mind and our space are filled with a lot of stuff, we cannot think things clearly. Our decision making is affected.

It’s just a matter of putting things in order and getting rid of the negative energies that are present in our space.

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