Dragon Feng Shui

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Red & Dragon are both symbols of Action and Innovation.  We know the Dragon means business because he has so much fire in his breath and is often depicted in the colour Red.  Being the Dragon of Action is just great because you always get things done and act on your own ideas.  However, the 5 elements that make up our world as you can see above all have a quality of their own.
These elements are found within our homes, workplaces and even within us.  The white or grey is the metal element and it depicts how we think, our ideas and mental sharpness.  But as you can see there are two sides to everything in life because we live in a world of duality which is why there is so much conflict in the world and even within ourselves.  
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You may think that we need to have a balance of just the 5 elements as seen above; as we have the green for wood, andblue for water, red for fire and yellow for earth.  But, each of these symbols is denoted by a yin and yang sign.
The sign above whilst tries to maintain a balance it actually is constantly changing to maintain that balance.  And, who out of us has never gone off the rails?  We go to one extreme and then another and often find it difficult to find that place of neutrality, balance both within or without.
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If we look just at the white metal circle there are two extremes found within each of our minds; we can be rational, engaging and decent or we can swing the other way and be angry, narcissitic and damaging.
If we look at the water element it also has a yin yang sign.  This is denoting the two sides of our emotions-water is an emotional sign.  We can flow through life with barely enough emotion just sliding our way through superficially but the other extreme is drowning in a sea of unfliltered emotion never believing we will come out of it.  Once again, aiming for a balance within those extremes is a constant throughout our lives.
Some try to get that balance by reaching out to addictive substances which ultimately makes them swing even further to extremes.  Others’ refrain from trying anything new in life, so comfort becomes the staple and nothing is ever challenged.
The Earth element also has its two extremes; manifesting in one’s world – the material world where every value, identity is taken or going to the other extreme where people cannot even obtain the basics of Maslows order of necessities in which to live.
So, far from Feng Shui being about some frivolous frog at the front door this is a deep philosophy inviting you to take stock of your outward environment so that you yourself can make great gains by having a balance or maybe a neutrality in your life in a world where extremes cause so many problems.
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