Everything Around You is Inside of You Feng Shui

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Painting by Kerry Darlington
Here we have every aspect of life at the table – the madness, the craziness – the eccentricity but at the end of the day all that is around us is also a part of you.
Yin and Yang whilst opposite of each other each one exists inside of each other.  These ideas are all basic to the Feng Shui Philosophy so how do we navigate our living space around all the chaos and craziness in the world?
First of all, look at the pictures on your walls what do they depict?  So for example the picture above is a fun crazy get together – maybe your family is like this when they get together but on another level it also is a highly philosophical debate about our own lives; the rabbit is telling Time does not Exist; the Cheshire Cat comes and then he disappears; is life really just a game of cards?  So, be mindful about what you put on your walls that it has a great effect upon you whether it be serious, fun or intriguing.

What is around us in our environments really matters because colours, words, textures, geometrical designs are constantly speaking to us on a subconscious level.  If you cast your minds back to the place you grew up in what impact did it have on you?  What specific rooms affected you and what was the specific aroma, sound, colour, texture that created another reality for yourself inside?
Open up your minds and discover more of how you can affect and influence your own belief system by creating an environment that encompasses all kinds of emotions, curiosities and intrigues in yours and your family life.

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