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Change Your Environment in Your Home?

We are talking about the Feng Shui or the vibrational energy that your home exudes sometimes without you knowing.

This in turn affects your health, wealth, relationships and many other aspects in your life.  Whether its your heart for health or love either way it appears there is an electromagnetic force that exists around us all and therefore affects the quality of our life within the environments or the climate of our homes in which we dwell.

Is it time to Change Your Home  Environment?

What does that mean?  Mark Abadi talks about the many forces within our environment especially the one’s we cannot see and illustrates how they are impacting upon us all the time, most of the time we are unconcscious of its effect.

As an holistic  psychologist he discusses the power of aroma, sounds and designs but he goes from the micro – cell to the macro.  The invisible forms of communicating appear to be occuring between people all the time without us every knowing.

He talks about the electrocmagnetic energy fields within us all and the power of the patterns in water which, in effect, make up over 90% of what the human body constitutues.

So, for the first time, we are not just realising the environment refers to what we can see outside of us, but what can we know about our selves and our environments within us.

Is this why you choose a certain person to be attracted to because of the resonance  or vibrational field of yourself within?

Is this why you choose a particular place to live because of some inner energetic field that is working within you unbeknownst to yourself?

How do you change your environnment once you realise something needs to energetically shift for both you and your family?

Here are some ideas on what is going on in our physical and metaphysical universe – listening to Mark he gives us a scientific and psychological insight which makes you really think Who are You really? and, how can you  Change Your Environment?

Change Your Environment!

For more information on how to Change Your Environment in different ways so that you can get the best out of You and Your Home click on the link below:


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