Feng Shui – 5 Steps To Creating Wealth In Your Life Thanks To Feng Shui

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Another word for Feng Shui is the flow of life whether that be your own energy or the energy of your

wealth, health or relationships.  The place where you live now has an energy of its own that you have

created or was already an entrenched pattern when you moved in.  So, if things are not going too well

in your life let’s look at what is the energy where you live.

Marriages, cohabiting couples families with conflict consistently would do well to look at the energy

in the environment; who lived in there before them? did anything happen that was negative? have

their been lots of arguments around which have built up over time?

These energies build into a place of negativity and then people expect to feel great; that their

relationships are spiralling out of control.

Wealth is healthy relationships but what about about cash flow and finances?  You know the basic

understanding of the five elements; wood, earth, water, fire and metal are all energies we have inside

of us; its all about creating a balance within us understanding those five elements.

You might be interested to know more about how this works whether its finance, relationships or

health.  If that is the case click on: http://bit.ly/2hOXPzo  & get back to me if you want to know


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