Feng Shui And The Yellow Color In Your Home

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Bring Good Energy In Your Home With Yellow

Yellow belongs to the earth element. It is the color that represents nourishment. Just like the sun, it brings warmth and good energy to your space.

An indoor plant near the yellow colored wall.

The yellow color has always been used by the ancient Chinese. It was a popular color for their clothes because of the kind of uplifting energy it brings.

If you wish to bring life to your home, you can use this color in a lot of different ways. It will easily turn your place into a cheerful and welcoming space.

Below are the different ideas on how to use the yellow color in your home:

1. The living room is where you talk to your guests. Adding a yellow couch will make you and your guests feel comfortable, a yellow wall will make your place look bigger and a bunch of fresh yellow flowers is a good conversation piece.

2. To attract the energy of abundance, use the color in your dining room. You can use yellow colored table mats and yellow colored fruits such as banana, mango and pineapple. Yellow colored food also looks appetizing.

3. It promotes nourishment and it balances the fire element in your kitchen. A yellow colored coffee, toaster, pots, pan or even walls can bring life and balance to your cooking space.

Always remember that this color brings life and energy to your space so it is best to use it minimally in the bedroom. If it is overly used in your sleeping space, you may find it difficult to rest.

Decorating your space the feng shui way doesn’t need to be expensive. Bringing the energy to your space without spending a lot of money is possible with a little bit of creativity.

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