Feng Shui & Ayurveda Synchroncity: Balance & Enrichment!

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Ancient Philosophies Join Hands Together; Balance & Enrichment!

What are the commonalities between these two ancient philosophies? Feng Shui & Ayurveda
  1. Both deal with Balance; one on the outside as in environment where you live and the other is about creating a Balance on the Inside of Your Body.
  2. They come from ancient texts from China and India and those who managed to Master their principles were wealthy both in health, wealth and political power.
  3. They both involve Duality – yin and yang and shiva and shakti which blossoms out into many other manifestations in the world.
  4. Both philsophies are a process; they dont have an instantanous resolution to any problems but are similar to the law of the natural universe; everything is a process.
  5. Whilst both appear to restructure the obvious imbalances within and around us they both indicate the importance of the relationship that lies wtihin.
  6. They deal with opposites, cycles, the elements and follow the natural order of all things.
  7. Both are working on an energetic vibrational footprint-its not what you see but what you dont see and what you can do about that which is considered the most important and effective approach to solutions.
If you want to hear from an experienced Ayurvedic Doctor watch this and find out more about the aspects and how these ancient philosophies make more sense than we know; 


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