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Increasingly, not only are we living with more STUFF and crowding ourselves with acquisitions but we are experiencing the power of increasing electricity around us .   People wonder why they can not sleep because they have the TV, computer, iphones in their bedrooms; they are now surrounded by them 24/7
This lifestyle does not allow us to switch off – the exact space you are suppose to be ‘re-charging’ your batteries – that is the bedroom –  is pulling on the immune system.
Geopathic stress – this is the underground aspects that people are stressed by and some don’t know what surrounds the inhabitants.  Underground water, is often a factor to consider when trying to locate an issue around health. Some of the anomalies we cannot do anything about – pylons over towering our building for example.

I have visited over 1000 clients in the community with diseases ranging from cancer to motor neurone disease to dementia.  According to Dr. H Nieper MD  he states that “92% of my cancer patients and 75% of my MS patients are Geopathically stressed”.
It is believed that such stress within the land can actually cause disease and ill-health. As I work in the medical field I have noticed how certain areas are inundated by particular forms of disease-it questions the environmental factor i.e high levels of electro-magnetic energy.

Some estates have been built on old chemical works where the methane gas continues to exude its toxins into the atmospheres. This then has the effect of people living in polluted environments without them ever knowing.
We see the results of those living around nuclear power stations; Sellafield in Cumbria, UK. We see the results of fracking on local communities right across the states and the subsequent effects on toxins to health.  

But what about the more invisible lines of poisoning where there is no obvious identification because over many years the information has been suppressed or not sufficient awareness. Whole Housing Estates in the U.K. built on old land fill sites or old chemical works – methane gases being exuded through the ground ultimately affecting the health of the residents.
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