Feng Shui For Your Bedroom

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Create Your Very Own Feng Shui Bedroom

We spend most of our time at home in our bedroom. It is considered as our personal space or our sanctuary.

However, people these days don’t get to have a good sleep for straight eight hours due to a very busy lifestyle and too much stress.

Having a good feng shui bedroom has its benefits. It gives you complete relaxation which is good for the tiring body. It also has a seductive appeal which brings excitement and strengthens the relationship.

In other words, a good bedroom can brighten your life, lighten your day and have a feeling of love.
Enumerated below are tips on how to make your own feng shui bedroom.
1. Declutter, declutter and declutter. It may seem irritating to hear listen to it but clutter is a bad energy. It makes you restless.

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2. Get rid of television, gadgets and exercise equipment. They are the source of EMF’s and they bring in the stress of daily life. They also distract you from having intimate moments with your partner.

3. Bring in fresh air to your private space by opening the windows. If it’s not possible then use an air purifier or essential oils.

4. Be sure to put space on each side of the bed. Use the same things on each side and avoid putting the bed directly in line with the door.

5. Choose soothing colors. It should be cooler colors that make you calm and fall asleep easily. Colors such as white or beige or color red that brings in romance.

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6. Put pictures that promote love such as a picture of you and your partner. You can also put paintings that promote intimacy.

7. Adjust your lighting. Use a dimmer or perhaps candle as this promotes intimacy in your relationship and make the place look warm.

No matter what the size is, a good bedroom should bring you joy and good sleep.

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