Feng Shui & Google Lounging in the UK

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That’s right folks ever thought about working like this as though you are in a pub?  Well don’t laugh because that is exactly what Google are offering in yet again another change in environments to pull out those elusive ideas from the brains behind the multi million idea products, services and champions of technology.

So, have you ever wondered what the environment you are working in is pulling out of you?  Many offices I experienced were full of clutter, dark, dank and damp places, grey computers and walls of magnolia just about as inspiring as a weed dying in front of you.

Many years ago the founder of Selfridges knew the power of sounds, visions and symbols for his workforce and offered them a special room to retreat to one not unlike the one below:

Yes imagine the owners of these great businesses knew the power of ENVIRONMENTS and how to take care of their staff – a place to retreat to think about themselves, their work and to reflect upon the day.  How great is that?
No matter, if you have no control of this in your work place why not create your own healing and reflective space at home so that you can stop, think about the day, plan for tomorrow, or just be still and silent and realise what it is like just to BE.
How many of us ever get this opportunity to BE STILL – I can tell you very few.  With the TV or the computer broadcasting messages out all day and then when we return home demands of others’ in the household or even our pets where are the breaks in silence.
I know my own Mum would retreat to the toilet; unfortunately she did smoke as this was her excuse to retreat – she would sit there and all her great ideas came from that outpost; her ability to start her own business, to design and tailor her own clothes, accessories, trips wow there was no end to her creativity – I could never compete with this mindset focused and manifesting most of my life.
So if this is something you want to get on track with often you realise that a moment of stillness is worth one day’s production of creativity.  So, come one folks, lets get into the groove, you are CREATIVE, your are MAGICAL, and celebrate that fact.
Click on this link http://bit.ly/2fs1R1A which will help you establish your own space to heal, relax, retreat and grab those many ideas flowing your way.  Be sure to capitalise on them.  For more information on how to change your environment for love, wealth, inner spirit you can find me on http://www.wealthyspaces.com

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