Feng Shui, Happiness And Your Home

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Create A Happy Home With Feng Shui

Christmas is coming and we hear a lot about love, joy, peace, and happiness. We were taught as a child that it is a happy season, a time to be merry. But most of the time, we end up going home to a lonely, troubled house.

In feng shui, happiness and clutter can never be on the same side. When your space is in disarray, you’ll feel miserable No matter how big or grand the house is, if your space is filled with bad energy then you’ll never be truly happy.

Inside Out Feng Shui

Below are simple tips on how to make our house a happy home.

1. Bring in good and fresh energy into your home. Flowers, indoor plants, and fresh fruits are a good source of live energy. Fruits symbolize wealth and plants are good air purifiers.

2. Refrain from bringing in television and gadgets into your bedroom. Your bedroom is a place for rest. Gadgets keep you from sleeping. When you have less sleep, you will feel grumpy and you get irritated easily.

Feng Shui And The Power Of Sound Vibrations

3. Rearrange your furniture. This will shift the energy flow in your home.

4. Play beautiful music in your home. This will give you a relaxing feeling.

5. Let there be light. Make sure that there are no dark areas in your home. Bring in natural light as much as possible.

6. Put pictures that will remind you of the happy times. The living room and the dining room are the best areas to display those pictures.

7. Learn how to give space to each other. There will always be a time when we don’t want to be disturbed by other family members. Respect is one of the major ingredients to peace in the home.

7 Steps To Space Cleansing

Always remember that the first thing that you should do is de-clutter. Get rid of the things that you don’t need and follow the simple steps above and you’re on your way to creating a healthier relationship and a happy home.

To learn more about feng shui and how it can help you make things better, visit my website at www.wealthyspaces.com.

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