Feng Shui is all About: The Unseen within your living Space

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The Unseen:

Have you ever found yourself in a place, which just did not feel quite right? What about a house you have thought of buying but didn’t feel quite right? Or those other places where the smell, emptiness, atmosphere stopped you from going any further. Then there are other dwellings, which made you feel at ease as soon as you have walked in – enough to make you want to move in right there and then! You are using all your senses and intuition to pick up on how something may feel to you even though it cannot be tangibly felt or seen.

Energy patterns are created all the time by the way we think, what actions we do, and how we consciously and unconsciously design to try and plan our own lives. In doing this we create patterns in the way we think, feel and do. Some of these can be very positive and others are self-defeating and destructive. But whatever extreme they sit in; positive or negative; yin and yang; patterns are inevitably left by all of us.

It is almost like spinning our own web and especially in places where we live  patterns begin to manifest. That is why when you go into a house where someone has lived there for any length of time you will sense-feel a certain kind of atmosphere; the thoughts and feelings we have become absorbed into the atoms around us; be it brick, furniture, curtains. If there has been a lot of animosity, fear, abuse, torture it will be picked up and absorbed by others because those patterns are a lot more entrenched than your pattern of thinking upon first moving into the house. But these patterns are not just the domain of people’
personal residences.. There are ways of dissipating it and this is mentioned in the space-clearing process (youtube: what is feng shui?)

 Often it is something simple like the elements; earth and fire to shake up these patterns eventually allowing them to be consumed. As the ever increasing housing developments continue the question remains to be asked what exactly are they building the houses on? Even to break down our own spiders web is sometimes necessary because maybe at times we have built up aspects within us that are no longer helpful to us. Certain behavior patterns, ways of thinking that are not going to serve us in a constructive way in the present

 Using some of the techniques in the video (space_clearing) will help to cleanse the space you find yourself residing. Once again, only you can discover for yourself the results of such processes as space clearing. The procedures are not something new but respected in many ancient, forgotten and longer lasting cultures such as the native Indians of America & Canada, Indians and many more.

Most of what you cannot see, the invisible often relates to a feeling; it  is what influences peoples’ mental state.  Think of it, we move into homes where patterns of thinking & feeling are already established.  What is it that hangs in the air and absorbs thoughts & feelings (see Emotos research)  If this space is never cleared then as a new resident you will absorb and integrate those entrenched patterns of thinking and feeling.  The same concept applies to all spaces’ – be it hospitals, clinics, corporations that expose people to the same entrenched patterns affecting everyone.

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