Feng Shui & Meditation for Your Cells

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As I started meditating and writing on how spaces affect us inside I realised that some of the

most important spaces in our lives are the spaces within our cells.  After all there is a whole universe

within each cell and space is one of its most important constituents.

The reality for many peoples’ lives is that they are so busy more than ever before and now being

entranced down the tunnels of devices the poverty is that people don’t turn within and discover the

amazing universe that exists within.

Having taught many people how to do this I realised how people have more in common rather than

differences and their ability to share that one universe that exists within all of us is often the final

link that makes us realise we are all connected and that there is no seperation.

This video is just a little introduction when you want to close your eyes you can go within you

and discover lots about yourself, each other and the universe.

I have used these techniques on people with neurological diseases, terminal conditions, mental health

issues but you dont have to be defined by anything to want to partake of this natural curiosity

about yourself and the universe to know more.

Why both watching the T.V. – listening to some fake story or other peoples’ reality when you can

sit quietly, costing you nothing and discover your own Star Wars within.

Want to know more on how to do this?  Contact me on wealthyspaces@gmail.com or join my

growing group of students for this journey reaching me on www.wealthyspaces.com

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