Feng Shui & Relationships

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Find out what Corinna did to attract the best guy ever into her life?  A delightful discussion

on how to use the power of Feng Shui in your life when you want to attract a partner into your life.

When you live on your own the environment or landscape starts to set up a pattern where its totally

solo – there is no space for anybody else, and the territory is configured so there is only ever YOU!

Now, if you want that and want to be alone then that is fine – go ahead with that pattern.

But, what if your pattern does not reflect the kind of feeling and vision you wanted in your life?

Then be aware of how you have set up your home and is it set up to attract the kind of partner you

want into your life?  The colours, the visions, the artwork, the aromas and the ultimate feeling – is it

one of excitement, romance, thrill, or one of desperation, loneliness, unhappiness with the self?

Your home will always vibrate the  feeling that you are attracting into your life so there are so many

ways you can get your alignment with your vision!

  1. Make sure your art work is attracting the feeling you like in attracting a partner
  2. Ensure there is some red in your home – candles, flowers, symbolic signs.
  3. Aromas have feminine and masculine notes so that there is a balance between yin and yang
  4. That there is an image of the kind of person and their qualities you would desire into your life.
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