Feng Shui & The Power of Sound for Wealth

POSTED BY Cathi Hargaden August 11, 2017 IN Podcast | No Comments

Have you ever heard the expression “You can smell the Wealth?” well what about hearing the wealth

That is what the singing bowls can do for you but How?  The singing bowls are one way of

cleansing the atmosphere because the atmosphere  holds water and water holds memory, the build up

of patterns of defeatist thoughts, self sabotaging energy are often found in specific locations, buildings where people never ever have a certain degree of wealth.

Yes it does come down to mindset and how to defeat those patterns.  When the singing bowls are

resonating a particular sound they are clearing away old patterns of negative thoughts either those

that belong to yourself or to others’.

Space-Clearing Box

So how would it feel if you could cleanse that space and then, with your own positive thoughts of

wealth and feelings of what that is to you as its not all about luxury cars and bling, then use the

singing bowls to set up patterns of positive and optimistic thoughts instead.

Space-Clearing Box

So, get yourself a singing bowl or go to www.wealthyspaces.com where there is a special space-

clearing box you can purchase to get you started on the cleansing journey because I know you will

not regret it.

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