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Feng Shui Food?  Why not.  When you understand the importance of the 5 elements in this philosophy you realise the qualities, tastes and colours of food all fall into earth, water, fire, metal, and wood.

There is even a time of the year to eat certain foods because of the seasonal nature of fruits, vegetables and seeds.

Above we have the earth of orange, the white cheese is metal, red of tomatoe and black olives is the water. Green cabbage is the wood.  But besides the colours the elements  represents a different organ within the body; kidneys andbladder is water, lungs is metal, stomach is earth, heart is fire, wood is liver and gallbladder.

This is an ancient system that recognises that everything is a cycle-like a geometrical pattern of a snowflake everything is connected and is in some form of cycle.

Certain foods are good in the winter such as eggplant, tempeh, root vegetables the darker they are the better.  For the summer seasons fruits of red like cherries, strawberries and currants are conducive for that period of time.  Everything has a vibration to it and then it resonates with the organs in our bodies.

Ask yourself what you are eating and does it have plenty of freshness and variety of colours.  One of the most harmful substances today found in foods that don’t equate to the taste of sweet is the white refined sugar found in pretty much everything.

If we look at its pure colour of white-white in the Feng Shui scheme is a deadly colour reserved for funerals.  I would say people eating excessive amounts of this substance, or poor mans cocaine, is likely to have an early funeral.

White sugar offers no nutrients, taken in doses it affects peoples’ behaviour, creates mood swings, lack of concentration and degenerates most of the body’s major organs; the pancreas being one of the crucial organs is hugely affected and often resulting in major diseases and death.

It is interesting that the white refined sugar clearly affects the mind and emotions and over a long period of time I would say not only rots the teeth but rots the mind.  As a health professional I have seen countless examples of people’s behaviour dramatically changing as a result of the product and its clearly the metal element that turns in on itself and self destroys.  The metal element like all the elements can have a positive and negative experience but anything used to excess like sugar eventually has a metal affect onthe body – corrodes it to a point that functions are totally lost.

So be aware of the 5 elements in your food – what you eat is is who you are and having a balance of the 5 elemental foods exudes eventually from you via personality, body health, behavioural patterns and mindset.

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