Feng Shui Your Wallet

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Attract The Energy Of Wealth With Your Wallet

Being able to buy the things that we need is the reason why we work so hard. But oftentimes, we always end up short of cash.

From our home to our office space, we spend a lot of our time turning it into a money magnet. However, one thing that we don’t know is that our personal things such as our wallet can also be used in attracting abundance.

5 Steps To Creating Wealth Thanks To Feng Shui

Enumerated below are feng shui ways to turn your wallet into a magnet for wealth.

1. Free your wallet from clutter. Wallets are for cash. Most wallets are filled with receipts and expired membership cards. They represent money that you don’t have. Instead, give space to real cash. Avoid having empty wallets for they symbolize poverty.

2. Designate a place in your space for your wallet. When you respect your wallet, it will give back to you the same respect that you’ve given. Refrain from tossing it anywhere most especially on the floor.

Opportunities Knock On Door With Good Vibes

3. Choose the color of your wallet according to your birth element. The colors black and blue belongs to the water element, red and pink are for the fire element, green is for the wood element and yellow is for the metal element.

4. Do not use a second-hand wallet. You might inherit the bad energy from that person.

5. Attract your cash by activating your wealth luck. You can attract wealth by placing 3 ancient coins on a red ribbon with your cash on it.

6. Organization is the key. Make sure that you organize your wallet. Your bills should be arranged well. Be sure that all your money is in an upright position. For a more organized wallet, get yourself a wallet that has more compartment.

7. Choose the shapes carefully. A long wallet is a better option.

De-clutter In Seven Easy Steps

Wallets are our daily companions. It holds our cash. It is one of the most used among our personal things. With these feng shui tips and hard work, you will be able to attract abundance and live a better life.

If you wish to know more about feng shui or you are going through difficult things in your life, visit my website at www.wealthyspaces.com.


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