Get To Know The Year Of The Dog – Your 2018 Guide

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A red colored symbol of the year of the dog.

Learn About This Year’s Zodiac – The Year Of The Dog

A red colored symbol of the year of the dog.2018 is the Year of the Dog. In the Chinese calendar, it will officially start on Friday, February 16.


The dog is the eleventh of all the zodiac animals. They are associated with the earth element in its yang form. Dogs also carry in them the fire and metal elements also in its yang form.

This animal which is considered to be man’s best friend are known for their loyalty. The word abandon is not in their vocabulary.

Despite the way they look and act, they have this caring trait inside. However, they have this strong willingness to do what they want. They are very focused in what they want and they will not let anything or anybody stop them.

Men who were born in the year of the dog are energetic, genuine and straightforward.

They care for their family and their stubbornness gets away when they’re in front of their family.

Women who were born in the year of the dog are cautious. They stay away from people that they don’t like. They don’t trust easily. They are also protective of their family and friends.

They are independent and nature lover. They are also hard workers  and are driven to succeed. They want stability.

People who were born on the year of the dog are compatible with people who were born on the year of the rabbit, tiger and horse. The rabbits are kind, tigers are reassuring and horses are understanding.

The zodiacs that are least compatible with the dogs are the dragon, ox and goat. They clash with the dragons, they’re cold with the oxen and they are uncomfortable with the goat people.

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