Google & Feng Shui for the Corporate World

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As I write Google are creating one of the most delightful environments for their employees in Kings

Cross, London, UK.  Now, I wonder why?  Anyone know?  Well I can tell you.

Google is totally aware that having their employees in places where they feel they can relax; where

there is obvious nature, growth; where there is evidence of the five elements both in colour, texture

and aromas.

They are in the business of ensuring that the people with the great ideas for business are looked after

well.  They are indulged with comfortable seats, water fountains and aquariums, plants and grass that

is growing, colours of red, yellow, blue and green and white.  All the colours of the five elements of

earth, water, fire, metal and wood.  You see when you have a balance of these 5 elements in your

home, workspace, retail space it allows people to feel more balanced within themselves as well as

being stimulated into creativity.  Think about your own place where you work; spartan white

institutional magnolia, dying plants, steel and glass of computers all in a row of chairs like flowers


Look at how creative some of these environments are designed – totally out of context as though

they they are on a Fiji Island -how many get to work in such delightful and creative places?

Clearly Google.  It isn’t because they want to put some pretty photos in their corporation but they

want to extract the optimum amount of productive ideas for their company.

It’s not just colour but shape, design, geometry, metaphor and symbolism.  Their current plans in

London is to have a rooftop swimming pool, a meadow on the roof and many other environmental

features that assist their workers to actually want to turn up to work and have a great time.  This is

along with the tactile services of massage, relaxation, meditation and all the other goodies that assist

people to relax because when people relax this is when they often have their aha moment NOT when

they are stuck on a motorway or stressed.

Politicians, CEOS, Directors of famous companies even I was demonstrating the principles of

Feng Shui on the floor of Selfridges in Manchester, UK 15 years ago!

So, how about you finding out how you can introduce these ideas into your Corporation?  Go to or download my free feng shui business ebook:

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