How To Feng Shui Your Home Using Aromatherapy Oils

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Most people’s misconceptions about Feng Shui is they have been taught it is purely putting the toilet seat down and having a chine by the door.  A trivialisation of a serious subject sourced in an ancient book of philosophy called The Book of Changes!
The title itself is so relevant today more than ever before because most of peoples problems is all about dealing or not dealing with change.  Our minds often want to be static but energy flows where attention goes.  And that statement has never been true than of the power and control has in the area of aromas.
The basic tenets of Feng Shui is not just understanding the callibration of change based on a binary system not unlike that in how computers operate but it demonstrates a great understanding of our own lives and nature.
Whilst we live in a world of duality those two significant opposing energies of yin and yang translate into finer energies of the 5 elements of earth, water, metal, wood and fire.
Those who cannot contemplate their life in a philosophical manner will struggle with these concepts.  David Icke himself has offered up the idea that our lives are not solid everything is moving all the time and there are NO solid structures  including ourselves.
Everything is dynamic and so the 5 elements represent energies that we are constantly adapting to daily and provides a great structure to understanding our environment, bodies, nutrition and so much more.
In this topic today I am talking about aromas and how depending upon your mood you have a created blend that will address that mood.  They are in relation of the woods, the passionate and firey oils, the earthing oils like sandalwood, the watery and flowing oils like lavendar and geranium, – so each element has a different groups of oils.  For example most people work in jobs where they are only using their mind – they are living in their head all the time – these people require grounding and earthing so the oils to address that would be sandalwood, benzoin and cedarwood.
Some people have very repressed emotions and show very little of themselves.  To get out of that state and into a firey passionate manner oils of cinnamon, rose, black pepper, can be used.  Those people doing very intense head work or studying for exams or having to keep awake require oils that wake them up so the mind can function.  Oils of the metal variety such as rosemary, basil, sage all wake you up and keep you going for hours-excellent for memory too.

It is possible to create blends that will address whatever state you find yourself in.   I once had a policeman who was so stressed that when he smelled the aromas he instantly felt relaxed from all his woes and pressures.  This is the power of aroma in your environment and according to the 5 elements you can Feng Shui your home to earth, fire, water, metal or wood effects.
How amazing is is this invisible but hugely emotional, physical influence upon your life using the 5 elements to address what effect you require in your home through the power of Aroma.
Why is Aroma and the Power of Essential Oils important to our wellbeing and Environment?  Hard though it may be to believe but it is through a slight aroma that our memories and emotions are stirred into times long gone but nevertheless continues to influence and strike up an old emotion within us.  Think of specific aromas that you associate with grandmothers, or a time growing up whether good, bad or indifferent you can often associate an emotion with an aroma for example it could be lavender, lily of the valley, oranges, parma violets, sweet pea, or more mundane aromas like burnt toast, and so much more.
Want to know more?  I am doing a series of videos for Aromatherapy both on Instagram as intros fengshui4you as well as my Youtube Chanel where you can learn how to get started in your own environment be it home, office or public space.
Look out for the new Ebook just completed: How to FengShui Your Home Using Aromatherapy Oils
Cathi Hargaden has taught Aromatherapy in relation to FengShui at Colleges of Further Education & Tertiary Educational Institutions.

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