Indoor Plants For Good Feng Shui

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Bring Good Energy And Life Into Your Home With Indoor Plants

Do you know that using indoor plants can bring good feng shui into your life and your home?

One of the best tips that you can have when it comes to bringing good feng shui into your home is to use plants. Indoor plants can easily make your house look alive. They bring life to any dull looking house. They come in different sizes and are easy to maintain.

7 Steps To Healthier Living

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, our indoor environment is more polluted than our outdoor environment. Molds, tobacco smoke, smoke from cooking and heating and other chemicals that we use such as from air fresheners are the contributor to pollution in our own space. These things not only affects our physical health but also our entire well-being.

Below are the benefits of using indoor plants in your home.

1. Indoor plants help you improve concentration. It also increases your productivity.

2. It decreases the incidence of having colds, dry coughs, sore throat and dry skin. According to a study by Jeffrey Shaman, the added humidity that indoor plants give to our space decreases the survival and transmission of the flu virus.

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3. Flowers make people smile. They have an impact on happiness. A bunch of flowers on the table can easily brighten your day.

4. A person that loves taking care of nature and loves to spend time with nature have a better relationship with others.

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5. It reduces stress. According to Dr. Leonard Perry from the University of Vermont, the visual exposure to plants lessens stress within five minutes.

6. They are healing booster. They reduce the healing time of a patient most especially after surgery. It’s inexpensive, noninvasive and an effective complementary medicine for surgical

Using indoor plants to bring good feng shui in your home is better than the frog or the lucky cat that you can buy online and in the department stores. After all, plants are living things. They give more live energy than non-living things.

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