Lighten Your Space With Feng Shui

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Clearing Your Clutter To Brighten Your Space

Clearing your clutter in Feng Shui is a modern practice. During the ancient times, people only have the basic things that they need. Houses were not crowded because they don’t have the things that we enjoy today.

Feng Shui teaches us about bringing in good energy into our space. A good flow of energy will help you in attract good health, good relationship and abundance.

7 Steps To Space Cleansing

Clutter in our space comes in different shapes and sizes. Big or small, if you don’t feel like using it or if it’s broken and beyond repair then it’s considered clutter.

Clearing your house can be an emotional thing. But the benefits of doing it is beyond what you can imagine.

De-clutter in 7 Easy Steps

To make you feel motivated, here are the benefits of clutter clearing.

1. When your space is free from clutter, you get to finish your tasks or chores immediately.

2. Clutter and being overweight is related to each other. When our mind and our space is cluttered, we don’t get to think things clearly. We tend to overeat to feel better.

3. Getting rid of things that are connected with your past means freeing your self from emotional stagnation. By moving them out your space, you will be able to live with the present.

4. Stuff clearing is good for your health. Allergies came from dusts that were collected over time.

5. An organized space will help you focus on things that are important to you.

Inside Out Feng Shui

6. Opportunities knock on doors that are open and ready. A clear space will help you make wise decisions that will impact your life.

7. An overcrowded space will make you restless while an organized place will make you feel more relaxed and calm.

8. Happiness is the by-product of a de-cluttered home. When you live in an organized home, you feel more energized and happy.

When you lighten and brighten your space, you attract energies that will make your life better.

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