Feng Shui Basics For Your Home

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Feng shui basics are the most important things when it comes to good energy flow in your home. These things will not only put energy balance in your space but also anchor your intentions in every situation you are in. Feng Shui And The Power Of Sound Vibrations Below are ten feng shui basic guide that you can

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Feng Shui Fish And Wealth

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Attract Wealth By Using Fish In Feng Shui Fish has always been used in feng shui to attract wealth. It’s the symbol of abundance. It is one of the most popular symbols used in feng shui. In Asian countries, having fish in the home is very popular. The Chinese pronunciation of fish (yu) is almost the same as abundance.

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Good Feng Shui Your Bathroom

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The Easy Steps In Creating A Feng Shui Bathroom A bathroom is an important part of the house. It’s a part of our home where we do our personal hygiene activities. A good feng shui bathroom can help you create a good place for renewal and release all the unwanted things in your life. You don’t need

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Dragon Feng Shui

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Red & Dragon are both symbols of Action and Innovation.  We know the Dragon means business because he has so much fire in his breath and is often depicted in the colour Red.  Being the Dragon of Action is just great because you always get things done and act on your own ideas.  However, the

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The Feng Shui Way – Cycle of Wealth

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The 5 elements can be used in everything you do in your Life whether it is Branding your Business or looking at the Cycle of Wealth for yourself.  Whilst this system is prominently used in the Art of Feng Shui and in Acupuncture the same cycle can be used to understanding how the process of

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Feng Shui & Ayurveda

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The two philosophies of Feng Shui & Ayurveda are both dated from ancient philosophies many years old than most things in our civilisations today.  Feng Shui is sourced from the I Ching which tells an ancient old story of how energies between yin and yang operate.  These two energies of yin and yang are evident

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Google & Feng Shui for the Corporate World

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As I write Google are creating one of the most delightful environments for their employees in Kings Cross, London, UK.  Now, I wonder why?  Anyone know?  Well I can tell you. Google is totally aware that having their employees in places where they feel they can relax; where there is obvious nature, growth; where there

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Feng Shui & Motivating Millions 006

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Exactly Andy!  Don’t we all notice the blocks everyday when driving, on buses, waiting for the trains that never arrive?  He hit the nail on the head when you are all geared up to go but something beyond your control has blocked you.  I found myself too in the same situation just a couple of

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