Feng Shui: How To Get Your Business House in Order.

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http://bit.ly/2jaB5w9 Having been in over 100 offices throughout the U.K. and Australia you start to see a pattern that occurs in peoples’ environments.  Often the artwork does not support them at all in fact it becomes an obstacle to the very philosophy of the business. Working from the Chinese principles of the 5 elements: each

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Feng Shui & The Power of Sound Vibrations

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Yes, who hasn’t heard those striking, reverberating sounds of the singing bowls vibrating sounds that seem to go on forever.  I interviewed my friend Ongar with his selection of singing bowls he sells to people to all over the world and usually its for the reason for cleansing their spaces and enjoying the peaceful sounds

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Feng Shui is all About: The Unseen within your living Space

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The Unseen: Have you ever found yourself in a place, which just did not feel quite right? What about a house you have thought of buying but didn’t feel quite right? Or those other places where the smell, emptiness, atmosphere stopped you from going any further. Then there are other dwellings, which made you feel

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Feng Shui meets Ayurveda

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Ayurveda meets Feng Shui On a trip to Kerala, India where the practice of Ayurveda is prolific I was offered to Feng Shui a couple of buildings to be used for the delivery of Ayurveda. Many of these places offering such packages of treatments re very basic and whilst the treatments themselves are amazing I

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What is energy marketing? Well Nikla Tesla once said; “If you want to understand the universe think of frequency, vibration and energy”. It’s the 98% that is invisible that makes a deciding factor on anything; its not the tip of the iceburg but what feels to be underneath that unresounding potential, the unknown that influences

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Castle – Feng Shui

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Castle de Cazine exudes great Feng Shui for the guests! Have you ever wondered why one hotel makes you feel elevated leaving you with a good vibration whilst another just doesnt have any vibe at all? Castle hotels can exude a whole array of energies because they were built with defence in mind. I mean,

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Hotels Feng Shui – India

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Some of the best Hotels in the world have the Best Feng Shui design – dont you agree? Hotels are plentiful throughout the major cities in India – all exhibiting various levels of splendour. I know India uses their own philsophical perspective of environmental design known as Vastu Shastra but as I was travelling there

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