Peter Dinklage On Opportunities: “DON’T WAIT”

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Reaching Your Dreams With Feng Shui

Do you feel stuck? Are you thinking about dreams as an impossible thing?

Most people are living with the past. They’re unaware of the fact that they have been stuck in their life for such a long time. They keep on looking for opportunities until they get exhausted and give up.

Feng shui is not all about the placement of things. It also teaches us about putting our inner self in order. It talks about being in harmony with our inner self and our surroundings.

When there is harmony within and around us, there is clarity in everything. We can attract success if we are just fully prepared.

Below are tips on how to attract success:

1. Clear your mind and your surroundings from clutter. Clutter stagnates energy.

2.Focus your mind on the things that you want. Think about what kind of life do you want to have. Most people think the other way. They spend more time thinking about the things that they don’t want.

3. Affirmation is out, askfirmation is in. Instead of saying positive statements to overcome negative thoughts, why not ask the world for the life that you want by using positive, present tense language that the universe can respond to your favor.

4. Put everything in picture. Cut photos from magazines that symbolize your dreams. Put it in places where you can see it often.

5. Put everything into action. It will put the energy of the universe into motion, aligning with your intentions.

6. Use feng shui objects that will represent your goals like photos, candles, fountains and other objects.

When everything is in harmony and in alignment with your goals, success will eventually follow.

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